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Re-entry into the Republic of Poland

16 Oct 2017 /  #1
Dzien dobry,

I finished my course in one of the technical universities from Poland recently. As i started to look for a job in my field; I got ban from Polish border guard (Straz graniczna) since my application for karta pobytu was stopped in urząd wojewódzki due to late submission of papers. Fortunately, my ban to re-enter Poland will be cancelled this week.

I'm already in my country and I would love to come back to Poland to receive my diploma, look for a job and be with my gf.

My question is:
What kind of visa do i need to apply from my country (India) to come back? (as I'm no longer student)

I'm really concerned about the outcome of the visa interview. I would be glad if someone can help.

Thanks in advance,
16 Oct 2017 /  #2
Hi, i think the best way to look at this is to ask your girlfriend to come to India perhaps do some form of marriage and you can apply at the embassy as a husband of Polish citizen or you can ask your school to send you invitation (this only happens when you still have graduation to do and also you have very good contact with someone in the school)

Good luck man

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