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Can i enter Poland before my D visa starts?

16 Jan 2013 /  #1

i just gotten my D visa for 180 days ,i am a passport holder that has 90 days visa free travel in Poland may i know if i can enter Poland before the start date on my D visa ?
16 Jan 2013 /  #2
I doubt that - I wouldn't take a risk if I were you
Harry's mama  
16 Jan 2013 /  #3
What is a d visa? And your point? that your a passport holder of a country that Poland allows for 90 day visa free travel.
24 Mar 2015 /  #4
Merged: Applying for a National Visa D with a work permit in Poland - booking ticket before or after I get visa?

Do i need to book ticket before or after get visa . please i need answer from people who experienced the same situation and i do not need logic answers if you didnt try to get visa D with a work permit . thanks
25 Mar 2015 /  #5
im guessing you need to get your Visa first then book your ticket. What if you don't have Visa approved then your stuck with a ticket and not be able to go. My suggestion is to contact the Visa ofc and ask them or the consulate that has the answers. Sound logical?

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