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is it stll jeden

21 Mar 2010 /  #31
That is how you thank me for helping you? I'm shocked!!! Your parents didn't tell you how to behave at all?

Why do you think almost no other people answer your questions here? Think about that.
OP chaza  
21 Mar 2010 /  #32
if you read my reply you will see i did thank you, and lots of people answer my questions. the point is they realise patience is needed. what i have from you is if i dont grasp it right away, you come back and say you cant help, thats fine. dont be shocked read some of your own replies as though you were the one asking, then you might be shocked. i have come a long way since i began learning, you helped a lot till you lost your patience. but in case you missed it, thank you!

you might want to think that at times some answers generate more questions, it doesnt mean we are not listening, it simply means we need to get it right in our heads.

21 Mar 2010 /  #33
You should think about how much of my time and energy I have given to you.

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