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Meaning of git majonez

4 Jul 2011 /  #1
What does "git majonez" mean and why does everyone in the office call my work "git majonez" ?

Does it mean they want to eat my reports with mayonnaise? Please help! :)
4 Jul 2011 /  #2
It is Polish slang for great, excellent. A little ironic, but without offensive intentions.
4 Jul 2011 /  #3
'git majonez' can mean perfectly alright, fine enough or somewhat better than fine enough

I don't know what actually literally 'git' means or meant (as far as I can tell 'git' or 'gites' was once in the past criminal slang for good, ok, fine or originally perhaps a fine fellow (a criminal one especially serving the sentence)- it then entered colloquial Polish) but majonez is simply 'mayonaise' -

the majonez is added to git just because it sounds handy, funny and interesting :) I smile when I think of 'git majonez' but I have some inclination towards pure nonsense
4 Jul 2011 /  #4
I don't know what actually literally 'git' means or meant

Yes, it is prison slang. Tough criminals have called themselves git people.
4 Jul 2011 /  #5
Indeed, that is the original source of the word.
Git meant a prisoner, especially one who was capable of using prison slang (grypsowanie) and was tough and smart, a member of the prisoners' elite. The word entered the mainstream slang sometime around early 70's and it has had a benign tone pretty much ever since.
4 Jul 2011 /  #6
Exactly. :):):)

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