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The Legacy of "Mietek" Moczar

12 Oct 2013 /  #1
As a lifelong student of Eastern European history, linguistics and geopolitics, I remain most curious being a Jewish non-Pole about the impact of Mieczysław Moczar on the entire Communist era pre-Solidarność! How do he and his rival Gomułka figure in contemporary discourse within Poland?
10 Nov 2013 /  #2
Pretty much despised or at best ignored by most people. There might be some weird nationalist-communist fringe faction lurking about (both on the far left and far right) which might view him positively.

There are some people who have some positive things to say about Gomułka though. Not many, but some. And for 1957, not 1968.
OP Wlodzimierz  
10 Nov 2013 /  #3
One Jewish man I met from Warsaw actually had the gall to say, "Ah, well his girlfriend was Jewish!" "So was Franco's!", I added, but what difference did that make? They were both pretty rotten!!!"

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