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The surname "Turek"

8 Sep 2010 /  #1
It's that time of the year again, or almost, and a local Oktoberfest is starting in September. Why, I don't know. The man hosting it owns a German restaurant and his last name is "Turek". That looks like a Slavic name, not a German one. Could this be a slav posing as a german? Why would he want to do that?
8 Sep 2010 /  #2
there are plenty of germans with slavic names as well as plenty of slavs with germanic names.. look at the history of the region sometime and maybe you'll figure out why that is.
OP PlasticPole  
8 Sep 2010 /  #3
It sounds like the town Turin, though I don't know if his family is slavic and from that region of Italy and that's why he has that last name. It's strange that he doesn't have a last name like Mueller.
8 Sep 2010 /  #4
Turek means A Turk (as in Turkish)
9 Sep 2010 /  #6
There is even an actor (rather well known) in Poland with a name Jerzy Turek. C'mon!!! We once bordered on Turkey, so what's strange about this name?
OP PlasticPole  
9 Sep 2010 /  #7
It seems appropriate since this Oktoberfest is starting in September, that it should not be hosted by someone with a German last name. At first I didn't know why the Oktoberfest wouldn't be in the month Oktober...but now I realize why...

We have so many Oktoberfests in Oktober, we have to spread them out to other times of the year ;)
11 Sep 2010 /  #8
TUREK: is the Polish word for Turk. Could have originated to describe someone with Turkish roots or a pure Pole who fought the Turks under Sobieski or maybe a topo nick from such places as Turek, Turkowo, Turka, etc. There are numerous Polish nationality-derived suranmes including Czech, Rusek, Litwin, Niemiec, Żydek, Szwed, Duńczyk, etc.

TUREK: also possibly a diminutive of tur (aurochs), the extinct wild ox that ocne populated Poland's forests. Tur is synonymous with strength (silny jak tur). The son of someone nicknamed Tur could have acquired the patroynmic Turek tag.
27 Sep 2010 /  #9
I know a Turek here, he's my student. It does mean Turk, yes. It is also a manufacturer of tasty camembert :)
28 Sep 2010 /  #10
I know that Turek means Turk in Polish.

The meaning of Turk is ''strong''. That explains in Polish language tur means strength.

Turks and Poles were neighbours in the history. Sometimes enemy but mostly friend.

I was watching a history program in TV channel last week. One of the Turkish historians said that Poland was our natural ally in the past and she is still so. It seems Turkish Polish relations will strenghen in the future.

Another example for Turkish surname is current president of Slovenia. Danilo Turk.
21 Oct 2010 /  #11
God... what a mess

Turek comes from Tur, just google Turek and look at the symbol of the city

Tur is a prehistorical animal like a bull but much more bigger that used to live in mainly in the center of Poland

Tur in Poland

Turek - Poland map

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