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Searching for information on where to find 1880's birth records for Lachawa, Poland

drumenik 1 | -  
20 Dec 2013 /  #1
I am looking to find birth records dating to the late 1880s for Lachawa, Poland. My grandparents were born there. I had visited the area where the village once stood. Does anyone know how to get birth records from this area? I have been told records may have been at one time in Sanok, but were possibly destroyed during WWII.
LindaWoskalos - | 11  
13 Jan 2014 /  #2
My embassy confirmed officially that my family records were destroyed. Then after years of trying to find family in Poland I got with a consultancy company, they helped me to make my family tree based in real birth certificates and they got created a new birth certificate for my grandfather, the key was to prove that he really existed.

The consultancy company is Castaneda Consultores and the contact is Lic. Antonio, here is their contact:

I hope it can help you
20 Jan 2017 /  #3
Does the town of Grupa, Poland still exist or has it been renamed ?
Ziemowit 14 | 4046  
21 Jan 2017 /  #4
There are three such villages near Grudziądz:
- Grupa
- Dolna Grupa
- Górna Grupa
5 Mar 2017 /  #5
Looking Rudenko Poland or Lopatyn Poland Family birth dates 1872-1876. ALSO LOOKING FOR FAMILY YASCHYSHYN.
terri 1 | 1661  
5 Mar 2017 /  #6
Jaszczyszyn - surname common in Przemysl near the border.
The chances of you finding anything dating back to 1870s are less than zero.
13 Jul 2017 /  #7
I am searching for a family in Cmielow, Poland. The family name is C'heba. They are my maternal grandmother's family. Can someone please help me.
TheOther 6 | 3695  
13 Jul 2017 /  #8
You might want to look for the alternative spelling 'Cheba'. There are 146 people of that family name listed on alone.
16 Jul 2017 /  #9
I didn't think the name was that common. Thank you
17 Jul 2017 /  #10
I was unable to find any names on and you state there are 146 people with the name Cheba ????????/ Is Cmielow closer to Russia or Germany?
TheOther 6 | 3695  
17 Jul 2017 /  #11
I was unable to find any names on

Then you're doing something wrong...

Is Cmielow closer to Russia or Germany?

What do you think? Maybe you should try Google maps to find out. :)
Ziemowit 14 | 4046  
18 Jul 2017 /  #12
There are 588 people of the name Cheba currently in Poland. Most of them (85) in the powiat of Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski (powiat ostrowiecki) where Ćmielów is.
18 Jul 2017 /  #13
Thank you so very much for your help. Can you tell me how you found out this information so that I may be able to try to locate my family. Any leads you can give me will be very much appreciated. I am not very good with computers.
5 Sep 2017 /  #14
My name is Joyce -- I live in New Jersey in the U.S.A. I have been trying to locate my maternal grandmother's family and thus far have been successful in tracking down the fact that my grandmother came from Cmielow, Poland. She was born on either February 23rd or February 24th of 1885. Her maiden name was C'Heba ---first name Josephine. Mother's first name was Victoria. There were also 3 brothers --- one of whom was struck deaf and dumb due to an accident. If anyone can help me in my search it would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

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