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Cossacks - Kozacy (Kazaki) in Poland Discussion

Slavicaleks 8 | 98  
1 Jun 2012 /  #1
Are you a Cossack? or have family members who were/are Cossacks? Would love for you to share your stories! and family histories!

Trying to find out more about Cossacks in Poland/Western Ukraine.

If you can positively contribute please do! :)

My Grandfather was descended from Polish/Ukrainian Cossacks on his mothers side from Galicia region of Poland/Western Ukraine.

His Cossack family name was '' Pawluk/Pawlak'' does anyone know much about those surnames? thank you
1 Jun 2012 /  #2
I'm sure if I could find anyone from the £ódź Ghetto, they'd have some wonderful stories to share with you. When the Ghetto was liberated, the Cossack Army saw all the available women and had themselves a great time. The women had less of a great time, but I'm sure it was memorable, just the same.
OP Slavicaleks 8 | 98  
1 Jun 2012 /  #3

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