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Is Leonczuk/Leonchuk Леончук a Ukrainian surname common?

29 Nov 2011 /  #1
my grandmother was from belarus when it was under polish occupation. wanting to find out more about the surname. ive come across the name in mainly ukraine and belarus and also in eastern poland. is it a ruthenian surname?
7 Jan 2012 /  #2
It's pretty common I think (in Russia too). Can't say the exact fugures but Ukrainian yellow pages gave me 722 results (=families, not persons).

is it a ruthenian surname?

May or may not belong to a Ruthenian. I don't think one can always tell the nationality basing on the last name only. My guess is that it could belong to families that had close ties with Western Europe (possibly from Western Areas of the modern Ukraine), hence the base "leon"="lion" which is not Slavic. In Russia it turned to a very common last name "Leonov".
11 Apr 2018 /  #3
Merged: Hey surname SZANCZUK

You guys seem very knowledgeable of the subject.
Noone knows what my last name means...
My family is Polish, but my grandfather's father is from Belarus/Ukraine.
I'm guessing czuk mean "son of" but what does "szan" mean? My family has a few ideas but...
11 Apr 2018 /  #4
I have found no information about Szanczuk/Szańczuk but Szan and Szandar are said to be derived form Aleksander so perhaps it applies to Szańczuk as well.

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