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Looking for Dziekanczyk family origins and more

Linda K  
2 Nov 2012 /  #1
Hi! I'm looking for help with my family name of Dziekanczyk. This is my great great great grandmother -

Eva Dziekanczyk born abt 1816. I believe her father was Jan Dziekanczyk and her mother was Rozalia Grugiel.
Eva married Simon Guligowski.

Would any of these names point me towards an origin? Is there any way to find out more about these relatives? I'm in the USA and I don't really know how to find out anything more from here. So any info is very appreciated!

And one more request, is there anyone who can give me a clue how to pronounce Dziekanczyk? I would hate to be saying wrong! :)

2 Nov 2012 /  #2
Hi Linda,

I've been visiting a Polish website for some time now. They have been indexing parishes in Poland and are always updating their work.

I did a search for Eva Dziekanczyk and I think I found her indexed under births.

Maybe someone here who can read Polish better than myself can correct me if I'm wrong with the information that I provide. From what I read she was born in 1816. Place of birth listed as Cekcyn. There is an icon for notes, and I think it states that her father was Joannes Dziekanczyk and her mother was Rosalia Gruglowna. Also listed in notes are 2 dates Nov 21 & Nov 24(birth & baptism???)

Here is a link to the webpage. Can someone here on the forum check the information that I provided??
OP Linda K  
2 Nov 2012 /  #3
Wonderful info! Thank you Maksym! That gave me a positive answer about Eva parents, plus it shows 2 other siblings. Interesting how far apart in age Eva is from them.

That looks like a good genealogy site, I'll have to learn to navigate it.

2 Nov 2012 /  #4
Would any of these names point me towards an origin?

Very unlikely. The place of birth or marriage is by far more useful that the surname alone.

The standard database of surnames "Moi Krewni" does not list any Dziekańczyk (with or without acute accent) living in contemporary Poland.

The name seems to be so incredibly rare that there are only four Google records pointing to "dziekańczyk" [with N acute] - three of them related to Rosalia Dziekańczyk (Grugiel) (c.1785 - 1830) on geni, Rozalia Dziekańczyk (Grugiel) (c.1785 - 1830) - Genealogy, . Nothing exciting if this was your doing, but a real surprise - if not! :-)

There are only 144 Google records for "Dziekanczyk" [without accent over N]

But because the name is so rare, you might be incredibly lucky. Here what I have found in (Polish) Geneteka database:
Eva Dziekanczyk, born in 1816, Cekcyn, Kuiavian-Pomeranian Voivodship.

Altogether this database shows 5 births of "Dziekanczyk" in early 19th c. in this voivodship (villages Cekcyn and Świekatowo), two deaths (Cekcyn and Byszewo), and four marriages (Cekcyn and Byszewo). That's it. For the entire Poland.

Cekcyn is the picturesque village in the middle of 'Bory Tucholskie' Region. It is located in Tuchola County, just south of Kashubian Region of Gdańsk Pomerania.

You have to realize that this database is under construction, created by hand by volunteers, who scan old parish books page by page. Many of the parishes have not been yet indexed.

The Pomeranian Genealogical Association has this detailed record for Eva Dziekanczyk:
(Parish/Registry Cekcyn) (year 1816) (book 200) (Picture no 0077) (number 44) (Child forename: Eva) (Father's forename: Joannes) (Farther's surname: Dziekanczyk) (Mother's forename: Rosalia) (Mother's surname: Gruglowna)
Some explanations: Given names in parish books used to be written in Latinized forms; hence Eva rather than Polish Ewa, or Johannes rather than Polish Jan, Rosalia rather than Rozalia.

Gruglowna, or rather Gruglówna, or more correctly Grugelówna is a maiden version of the surname Grugel. Grugielówna would stem from Grugiel. Spelling aside, it looks like this is the right record.

There is a parish in Cekcyn, but since its church was built in 1869, no records of Eva (Ewa) Dziekanczyk would be there. But, if they exist, they must be somewhere in national archives, or in some catholic hierarchy archive. And indeed, the PTG (Pomeranian Genealogical Association) points out to the source of the record we found, :

It is a book of baptisms #200, covering the years 1802-1834, indexed by the volunteer Jan Kontek, source stored in the Pelplin Diocese Archive.

Archiwum Diecezjalne w Pelplinie
The Diocesan Archive in Pelplin
ul. Biskupa Dominika 11
83-130 Pelplin
Phone: (+48) (58) 536 12 21; (+48) (58) 536 12 22
Fax (+48) (58) 536 16 99
OP Linda K  
2 Nov 2012 /  #5
boletus, that was incredibly helpful!

That gives me quite alot of nudges in directions I didn't even know about. I had no idea the name was so rare, that's always a really good or really bad thing isn't it! At least I know if I do find the name, it's more than likely my relatives then. The geni site actually isn't me so you're right, it's a good surprise!

Thank you!
2 Nov 2012 /  #6
Thank you!

You are welcome.

And one more request, is there anyone who can give me a clue how to pronounce Dziekanczyk? I would hate to be saying wrong! :)

Press this:
then press the speaker icon in the Polish (left) field.

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