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The Most Popular Studies among Polish Students

19 Apr 2007 /  #1
What do we take into consideration when choosing the right major to study? Is it willingness to pursue our fields of interests? Is it continuation of family traditions or simply desire to be more competitive in the job market? The truth is- all of the reasons mentioned above are the reasons we think about while choosing a perfect career path for ourselves.

Although in Poland, similarly to other countries, the job market changes rapidly. For many years now, students have had tendency to choose humane studies such as Pedagogics, Psychology, Philologies or Law- the majors that are simply interesting to study as well as extremely popular. There has also been an increase in studies that, according to experts, are more desirable in terms of future job market in Poland, such as Economics, Information Technology, Marketing and Management.

Pedagogics as a number one major is surprising judging by limits in career opportunities as well as low income that await those who choose this kind of career path. The irony is that Pedagogics is believed to be very often considered as the last resort for many High School students, as according to many Polish Universities, the conditions for candidates willing to study this major, are not too excessive. On the other hand, many students choose the studies consciously, having a certain profession in mind. With new school openings because of the educational boom, there will be plenty of job opportunities for future pedagogues.

Psychology breaks records in popularity among Polish students as well. In 2005, there were 28 people per one spot estimated to compete for the index of this major at Warsaw University. According to the saying, "those who study Psychology are people who have problems with themselves", Psychology attracts because of the possibility of self-discovery and exploration of human nature, consequently making the studies interesting for so many students.

Law is another example of study that is gaining ground in popularity at many Polish Universities. Although the process to succeed in this branch is a long road of constant education and investments in oneself, law alumni have numerous opportunities on the job market. The bad part is, though, that obtaining a Master's Degree in Law doesn't guarantee you a job, it's just the beginning of a process to get a certain field of specialization. Good news is that, with the increase in various firms in Poland, there will always be jobs for Law alumni. What is more, employers tend to show lots of interest in engaging Law major students, as they are very disciplined and concrete.

I think there is no question as to why people choose Philology majors. Many foreign companies are opening their branches in Poland as well as throughout Europe. Students see studying Philologies as one of the best investments for the future, which is reflected in statistics that show, for example, approximately 10 people per spot compete for the index of English Philology every year. Besides English Philology, more and more popular are exotic languages such Chinese, Japanese or Arabic.

The recruiting process has also been very difficult for those who want to study Information Technology. Many students have to outperform their competition as the interest in IT has been growing and growing for many years. As IT spreads to almost every sphere of economy and life, there is huge potential of the field as well as increasing interest in those who deal with gathering, transferring and sending information (meaning IT specialists).

An up and coming area of study among Polish students is Business Administration, which include Marketing, Economics, and Management. As globalization continues, understanding the inner workings of business and why things occur appeal to many. Students hope to gain a better understanding of economic and managerial principles such as supply and demand, interest rates, and why certain things are more desirable than others. Because Business students are in great demand, the high number of people majoring in this field will continue to reflect that theory.

As you can tell, there are many areas of study that appeal to Polish people. Some areas are more popular than others, but the end result is the same. Every field has continuous openings for those students who do well in school and who can demonstrate their knowledge regarding specific subject matter. It is the Polish students that will shape the future of the country.

daffy 23 | 1,508  
19 Apr 2007 /  #2
Business Studies incorporates elements of sociology, psychology, economics, math & stats, accounting, marketing, law, management, Information Tech. A good university can offer a good degree in these.

Its a well rounded degree that leaves the professional oppurtunities quite limitless to the good graduate and for master specialisation is very deep! philosphy, law, marketing, behavioural science etc etc. while still fulfilling many 'interesting' headings for people and providing an education one can make a living with.
horunPoland - | 109  
20 Apr 2007 /  #3
Nowdays the best choise is Technical Studies. especialy Bulding, Informatic and Civil and Energetic Engineering.

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