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im an engineer and how can i migrate to poland....??

14 Oct 2007 /  #1
im from india and going to be a graduate in mechanical engineering next year.. i can speak good english, german, hindi and punjabi languages. but polish not yet. can anyone help me that how can i migrate to poland.. like permanent residency or job basis....

i will be thankfull for your helpfull advice.
Hmmm 1 | 69  
14 Oct 2007 /  #2
So the deal is at 5:10 you wanted a lifepartner, at 5:13 you wanted a Polish girlfriend, and ten minutes later you want a permanent residency in poland...

My advice for your 5:10 post - Understand the concept of a lifepartner first. Polish women don't wear their hearts on their sleeves. You've got to earn their respect before you earn their love.

For your 5:13 post - It's obvious that you just want to get out of your country real fast - lifepartner or girlfriend - you're really not bothered. You just want an easy way to get to Poland. You can't see the difference between your desperation and your aspiration.

For your 5: 23 post - Atta boy! Now you're coming clean. So here's wishing you good luck and hope you find a great job soon.
randompal 7 | 306  
14 Oct 2007 /  #3
graduate in mechanical engineering next year

all of these guys are leaving Poland because the pay is so low and you want to come here? bewarned the pay in Madras might be higher...
14 Oct 2007 /  #4

touche..your point is well taken.

And its true that Indians seek to leave their country for the same reason that the Irish left in the past and Poles are leaving now and already done so in the recent past. BTW, I am Indian myself and residing in Poland for the second time in this decade because of a work visa..

My advice to the Ratol bloke is to contact the Polish Embassy in NEw DELHI or consulate in Mumbai for more info.. Or you can search for vacant positions in Poland and the new EU countries with or ..or do a search for "engineering jobs in poland " with the help of

I am led to believe that there are many new jobs in construction and manufacturing now as all qualified Poles are working in the UK and other EU countries for higher wages.

Please check it out and good luck..

On personal note, might be a better idea for you to work in India first as the economy is booming... and then in the Middle East or South East Asia and then come to Europe. It has been my impression that Indians who arrive here directly from India are generally not able to present a neutral image for a modern progressive India.. People judge countries either through the popular media , which is Western slanted, or by their contact with citizens from that country.

And Ratol, going by the comments made by 2 posters before me... you don't seem to be doing a good job in representing India in Europe. We have had enough illegals from Africa and Asia and ignorant semi skilled workers from the rest of Eastern make sure that you you dont make the wrong choice of coming here and joining them.

Good luck in your quest , anyway.
OP ratol  
17 Oct 2007 /  #5
buddy {hmmm} ...thanx for all of your reply...butt sorry all are useless for me.........

weel indya... thanx for your advice... about skill i think indian engineers are also you know the how many indians are working in NASA. well indian economy is booming...yes at GDP=9%+. and more then one trillion dollars... manufature sector is growing at 15% per year.. and sensex is just to cross 20000. yesh these all are good... but in job my aim is to touch the advance technologies.. .. which is still not in india.. and which coes frm abroad.. im dealing with automobile... and here it will take 10 more years to come advance auto engineering.. anyhows.. i just want to deal with european technologies.. as im my religion is technology.... like technology cant be bounded in terms of nationality serves everyone equally.... we adopt technologies from other and we give our technology to themselves... im just looking for it..

and thanx for your advice...

madras... yes it could be... but if im moving away from my home... then its same .... for example coming back home from madras will take more time then to come from new york...
17 Oct 2007 /  #6

The pay in Poland is good? Iam business manager, :P

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