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Please advise- Job in Poland for an Indian guy

smitter 1 | -  
3 Jun 2008 /  #1
Dzień dobry

I m an Indian national who works in the UK as a Project Manager.Few years ago I met a beautiful Polish girl in UK, we fell in love and are married now for the last 3 years. It surprises me how well brought up my wife is and her family is just fantastic. We love going to Poland in our holidays. People,food, culture everythings so cool.

After living almost 10 years in UK, I have decided that this is not the country I would like to raise my family in. I would like to find a job in Poland and move there.At least we could afford a house and other basics which are so difficult in the UK, as well as make some friends & be close to the one side of the family.

Now the problem is that I would like a job with some business in Poland which operates with UK so that I can use my langauge skills at both ends as well as have my family raised among normal people as I belive Polish people still have good moral values which are completly lost in UK.

I do not mind travelling betwen UK and Poland, but have a main dom in Polska. Can anyone suggest anything please??

Dziękuję in advance!!!

mkpolka - | 3  
6 Jun 2008 /  #2
Good for you and all the best for you two

I am sure you will have a good life in Poland. Bear in mind it is still not the land of plentyand the beginings could be quite tricky. As you are very experianced you should not have problem finding a job with foreign company and that is where I would start. For example my brother works for american company, desining computer systems. He actually spends good 2 mnths each year in US. I know this is not what you are after, but it could be possible with an English company. There is plenty of foreign investment in Poland.

If that is not the case, maybe you could try teaching English, always needed and there is plenty of language schools around. How is your Polish??
28 Apr 2009 /  #3
Merged: An Indian mba wants to relocate to Poland...

Hello all..
I am an Indian with over 4yrs of work exp. (sales & marketing) I would love to immigrate to poland...could some one plz tell me how to go about it?
gumishu 12 | 6,103  
28 Apr 2009 /  #4
well the most reasonable way is to look for Polish companies that trade with India and ask if they are in need of Indian-born staff

some imagination can get you through
dtaylor 9 | 823  
29 Apr 2009 /  #5
I would love to immigrate to poland

It seems Poland is becoming the new gateway to Europe. Why would you love to come here?
marz - | 13  
29 Apr 2009 /  #6
So many other options...why Poland?

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