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Going rate for proofreading in Warszawa?

13 Dec 2006 /  #1
Hi, I'm an English teacher (native speaker) working in Warszawa. The school I work for has a translation office which is interested in using my services (I work on a freelance contract).

The proof-reading would relate to my background - my previous career was in finance and technology in the City of London. In other words, I'd be proof-reading stuff I know something about.

The school is asking me how much I want for my services but as I'm new to Polska I have no idea what a reasonable rate is to charge.

I wondered if any of you guys out there had an idea what the going rate for a native speaker is for this type of work.

Kowalski 7 | 621  
13 Dec 2006 /  #2
non native takes 20 PLN/ standard page
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
13 Dec 2006 /  #3
Too low and they won't take you seriously but they might take advantage.

Too high and you fall at the first fence.

Ask how many pages there are in each contract. Think about your time and costs and take it from there.

Do not write anything in your own words.

If it goes for publication, the editor will have final say.
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544  
13 Dec 2006 /  #4
In my little town there is a person that does translations taking 55zł per page. He is Polish.
OP Timek  
13 Dec 2006 /  #5
This wouldn't be translation though (which I know pays well) but proof-reading stuff that's already been translated from Polish (or written directly in English by a Polish person).
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544  
13 Dec 2006 /  #6
Ohhh... Unfortunately I don’t know anything about the pay of people that do proof-reading, sorry.
13 Dec 2006 /  #7
usually it's about 10 PLN per page ( +- 1200 characters). The price may vary depending on the type of text and its purpose.
13 Dec 2006 /  #8
I work for skrivanek Translation services as a proofreader and I charge 6zl per page, 1200 characters, I also work for a scientific Institute, but I charge them 8zl for each page 1200 characters. As I know from talking to other proofreader’s around the country this is about the norm. If you want any more info then email me at
Ogromna Baka  
25 Dec 2006 /  #9
Would you work for less than a tenner an hour in the City of London? Probably not. So don't undersell yourself in Polska. You can easily get that here, and probably 50% more.

20 Pln or 10pln per page? Haha bloody ha! No wonder the whole population of Poland has ran off to Britain and Ireland. Perhaps that the going rate for a non-native, but certainly not for a native speaker.

BTW, a standardized Polish page is 30 lines by 60 characters (including spaces), so 1,800 characters in all.

Not +/- 1200 as some dickwad said above.
31 Aug 2007 /  #10
Is there anyone interested in taking up proofreading work for me?
Please contact through private mail.

31 Aug 2007 /  #11
Hi Peter I have just sent you a email with details
12 Sep 2007 /  #12

I saw your inquiry about proofreading work. I am a new American transplant living in Poznan. I am very interested in proofreading. I am highly educated. Please contact me as this forum will not let me send direct email yet as I just signed up.


John in Poznan
1 Aug 2009 /  #13
Hey all,

I urgently need proofreading for my dissertation (deadline August 10, 2009). If u are interested please contact me (Business English preferred)


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