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Are 2k€ enough to live in Warsaw?

foxtrot1213 2 | 43  
29 Aug 2008 /  #1
So I am going to be in Warsaw for atleast 1 year. I don't have much expenses. I don't smoke and drink. My hobbies are mostly limited to computers.

I don't know where I will be living but I will get accomodation from Microsoft for a while. I am coming from Finland by the way.

How about the taxation? Will I get screwed by taxman like in Finland?
Gab - | 133  
29 Aug 2008 /  #2
Do you know what your pay will be?

2000 Euro?
Eurola 4 | 1,906  
29 Aug 2008 /  #3
Will I get screwed by taxman like in Finland?

You get screwed by taxmen in Finland too? :) What a wonderful world.
OP foxtrot1213 2 | 43  
30 Aug 2008 /  #4
^Don't even get me started over Finnish taxation. It is the most harsh system on planet Earth (at least I think so). If you are a kid, and if your both parents die then taxman will come to you because you got what you are not supposed to have, and you must contribute to the system for everyone as you got something to contribute. You will sell your house to pay the taxman. Bank will come to you as well (house loan taken by your parents, remember?) but that is another story. Taxman will come to even you are an adult and lose your parent(s).

If you are divorced or lost your spouse then taxman will again come to you since you own the property of your dead spouse/divorce settlement. So if you got the house then you may need to sell it to pay the taxman and contribute to the system for everyone.

Taxation information in Finland is available for public which means that I can see the tax information of Finnish president if I want to. You can download the tax information of almost everyone (living in Finland of course) from torrents. Yes, those papers are from government.

Probably government thought to keep public busy with something like reading and going thru other's taxation information. You shouldn't be surprised if you will see some dudes with briefcases in taxation offices going thru your taxation to find "if you didn't pay something" (yes they are ordinary civilians like me).

If you are, by chance, a successful foreigner then be prepare to face some hostility and jealousy from natives. Your neighbor and probably anyone from your neighborhood might be reading your taxation information just to see if you contribute enough to the system for everyone. That's why we don't say "hello" to our neighbors. We don't even want to "get to know them". I have to accept that I don't know my neighbors. I even don't know their names.

There was a famous case involving a successful Russian business couple (Larisa and Nikolai Lisitsyn). They were living and doing their business in Lappeenranta (a city in Eastern Finland). Apparently, some guy in Kuopio (in Central Finland) noticed their success, and decided to accuse them of bookkeeping fraud. Anyhow, the court case with Larisa and Nikolai dragged on for years. Finally, the Lappeenranta court dismissed the charges with lack of evidence.

My friend from Jamica, a successful medical practitioner and law abiding citizen who speaks language quite well, was surprised to see his car wrecked with racial slurs written all over it one morning. Insurance dude told us that he probably faced so because he is a successful foreigner. I can write plenty more but I guess you got some idea.

Don't get me wrong. Healthcare system is good to have. However, it is pretty much abused by those retards and idjits who rush to the doctor everytime when they sneeze, cough or fart.
30 Aug 2008 /  #5
Are 2k€ enough to live in Warsaw?

Yes... it's not bad salary and you will do just fine. You would survive in Warsaw with 1k€, but with 2k you can live without worries :)
OP foxtrot1213 2 | 43  
30 Aug 2008 /  #6
Thanks guys.
What I read while digging information, seems that 2K€ should be enough in Poland. Any taxation stuff I should know?

and hey, if you polish folks need info about living in Finland then let me know. I'll try my best to get the info if I am around here :)
vndunne 43 | 279  
2 Sep 2008 /  #7
In relation to the Taxation, there are 3 rates - 19 %, 30 and 40%. I think the 30 % rate kicks in at around 19,000 pln (roughly 6000 Euro) Not sure about the 40 rate.

it is the ususal sliding scale. Added to that there is also the glory of ZUS and as a very rough guy, you can expect further 8 - 10 % being taken for this as well as the tax.

By the way, 2000 Euro should be plenty to live on.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163  
2 Sep 2008 /  #8
How about the taxation? Will I get screwed by taxman like in Finland?

A bit less than in Scandinavia but only a bit...

Are 2k€ enough to live in Warsaw?

Net or gross ? Well, both are more than "enough to live" anyway...

In relation to the Taxation, there are 3 rates - 19 %, 30 and 40%.

In next year 18% for people making less than 85.500 and 32% for the rest.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163  
3 Sep 2008 /  #10
So net should be ~1430... you may survive for less than half of that or spend It all and have fun.
OP foxtrot1213 2 | 43  
3 Sep 2008 /  #11
Thanks man.
I will get some increase in later stages.

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