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Employment Agency in Warsaw

deepcold 2 | 3  
9 Jun 2009 /  #1
After studying in very intensive Polish course for 3 months, now I know basic Polish and can communicate a little bit when the subject is not too hard. My Polish is at survival level.

However, I really like Poland, and I would like to stay and work here.

(Don't ask me why, I just like being here! Before coming to Poland, the Polish consulate in my home country was very surprised that I am coming to learn Polish and try to get a job here. He thinks it's quite weird for foreigners to like Poland especially i don't have a Polish boyfriend. It seems foreigners come to Poland only when they have a Polish girlfriend or boyfriend...)

Therefore, I would like to know if there is any employment agency in Warsaw. Or any website which has more vacancies for foreigners.

I speak fluent Chinese and English, also basic Polish and German. And I had worked in textile related industry and electronics industry before. If anyone has any jobs for me, pls kindly reply my message.

9 Jun 2009 /  #2
A few years ago I used to teach the deputy director of HR at Philips Central Europe (i.e. the Warsaw office) and she was a Sinologist. I have no idea if she's still there and I can't remember her name either (it might have been Kasia) but you could do worse than contacting Philips.
9 Jun 2009 /  #3
Guest Today, 20:13 #3
I am a Catholic school teacher From Pakistan. My wife is a school teacher too. We have a 4 year son named Joshua Daniel. If we migrate to Poland how hard will it be for us to find living. My email address is joshuaoct25@hotmail
9 Jun 2009 /  #4
If we migrate to Poland how hard will it be for us to find living.

It depends on the place. In a big city it would probably be easier to find a job
but generally teachers don't make too much in Poland (especially at a start).

It would also be good if you spoke at least some basic Polish, because it's
the only offical language in our country, spoken by an overwhelming majority
of people in Poland.

It might not be easy for you at the beginning but I wish you best of luck
if you decide to come here after all (Catholics are always welcome, especially
those who have a son named Joshua Daniel ;)).

May the Most Blessed Virgin Mary The Queen of Poland guide you in your way,
wherever you go to!
Tini Jane - | 7  
9 Jun 2009 /  #5
Hi deepcold,

Im so excited when i read ur msg bcos I wanted to do the same!! Go to the intensive class, try to get the job over there and I dont have polish bf either...There is no specific reason but I really like Poland!

Btw, w're are u from? Since you speak fluent chinese, i assumed you must b chinese then? I wanted to know more details abt the intensive polish course. Where did u learn? is it in the UNiversity/school or private teacher? How much the cost and so on..?

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