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Chances of finding engineering job in Pomorskie region

polskadan 1 | 16  
9 Sep 2006 /  #1
Hi everyone, I'm currently in my second year of university studies, studying civil engineering (Inzynier Budownictwa) at the Virginia Military Institute(ranked 9th best CE program in the US). I am planning to move back to Gdansk after I graduate college. I was born there and return every other year on vacation and every time I return the city pulls me in more and more. Now I am also dating a girl from Gdansk that I have known for a long time and am set on moving back. I've looked through several of these polish internet job searches but that really isn't going to help me find the job i am looking for... do any of you think that I will be able to find a job opening in Gdansk/Gdynia/Sopot in my field straight out of university? If so how would I go about finding such a job? Any other information regarding this topic would be greatly appreciatted as well...thoughts?

o and I speak polish, i can also read and write but not at a professional english is supurb.
9 Sep 2006 /  #2
Hi there,

I think you'd have a very good chances of finding a job as engineer in Poland (Gdansk). The question is how much you would get paid. If you notice on the "Jobs wanted in Poland" forum there are many people - most of them hold at least a college degree - that cannot find a good job in Poland and decide to try they luck in other countries. On the other hand, they probably don't have as good knowledge/experience as you are going to have (plus your excellent English).

You would have a little better chances of finding a well-paid job in Warsaw, probably. But Gdansk is one of the biggest cities in Poland so don't see a big problem there either. For sure, however, you will not make as much money in Poland as you would have in the US. Something for something... :)

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