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dagmarc69 2 | 3  
15 Feb 2007 /  #1
16 Mar 2007 /  #2
There are many of them. But they don't pay best. Try German/British or French ones.
10 Apr 2007 /  #3
Why did you say the Americans don't pay best? What is your experience with them?
I am curious.
Thank you.
11 Apr 2007 /  #4
any particular field? Do you speak polish? Do you have polish relatives, and or do you need a visa.

I hope my 20 questions are not intrusive, except without more info its harder to give sound advice.
11 Apr 2007 /  #5
Engineer, 10 years experience, speaks English. NACE certified; has experience in QA/QC, manufacturing, process control, R&D, forensics. Steel, alloys, refactory, ceramics/glass, slide gate experience.
11 Apr 2007 /  #6
Steel, alloys, refactory,

Oh, boy! Try to contact Tata Steel. I know they are not American, but it doest matter in Poland.

Oh, by the way, in Poland they call it Mittal Steel Poland.
11 Apr 2007 /  #7
Mittal, owned by an Indian steel magnet called Mittal. His family come an by gems at one of the shops I look after. BIG SPENDERS.
11 Apr 2007 /  #8
We're American and will go over there with an American firm. Well, it's the American division of a European firm.

I hope. We're waiting to hear details and sign the papers and the engineer hubby is going over to check out Krakow for us soon.

I have heard a lot about Mittal, as they have a few locations here in the states. We do business in China and they are over there, as well.

Thanks for all the helpful info, guys. I really appreciate it.

Now, do you know, as I cannot get this info directly elsewhere on the boards, where in Krakow would YOU choose to live live with a 4 year old and wife (me).

Elsewhere they said "bad" things about certain parts of Krakow, but then when I asked what they meant by that, no one replied.

We need a safe area for me and our child, where we can walk to and from shops, etc, safely.

They may or not pay for school fees, so it has to be a reasonably priced area to live, since though housing my be paid for, a car and school may not be---- we just don't know yet.

Here in the states we do our own cleaning, cooking, driving, shopping and laundry. I plan to continue this practice there. Unless it is bad form to do that, and we should be employing a Pole who needs a job, in which case I will do whatever is considered normal and "right".

Anyone have any idea on that? On the other boards people seem angry about the fact that we are going there to work and, so I am not sure who will answer reeasonably and politely.

I don't want to be "the ugly American" and step on someone else's toes, but I need to know the answers to my questions.
11 Apr 2007 /  #9
The US Embassy should be helpful in relocating.
11 Apr 2007 /  #10
"the ugly American"

Hey, I am an American engineer succesfully working in Poland. Your hubby is not from my division but let me tell you something. This is a great place to live. I don`t live in Krakow, but I`ll ask my friends about suitable place in that town. Stay in touch.

The US Embassy

You uderestimate Americans. Like by Boston Party, heh?
11 Apr 2007 /  #11
er...I thought the embassy would be helpful, I've been reading their site today, seemed ok

You uderestimate Americans.

Yeah wouldn't want to misunderestimate y'all:)
11 Apr 2007 /  #12

Thank you. I have checked out the US State Dept website about travel abroad and living in Poland, but it's pretty vague. It states "take normal precautions", "know your surroundings", "use caution, pickpockets target obvious tourists".

The US Embassy would laugh in my face, if I asked them to assist me with a move overseas!

The co. may use a relocation service, but we don't know that yet.

I have checked out the "expat Poland" sites, too, and I am starting to get a feel for the money exchanges, shopping, cultural opportunities, etc.

Krakow is so beautiful and the people seem friendly, according to my husband's co-worker, who was just there.

But, understandably, no one wants to say "we have a bad neighborhood here and here's why". I'd find that hard to do here in the states, in a polite way.

I usually just say, if asked, that a particular area does not have good schools and point them to the Education Dept website that rates US schools by exam passage and graduation rates, teacher certification, teacher to student ratio, etc.

If we make it there (I am hoping we will) we will all have to meet up and have a drink. My hubby is a great guy. A good man, a hard worker and he has a great sense of humor.

I know if you met him, you'd like him. I sure do!

Thanks again!

Thanks to Giles, also.

But I need your authentic Polish person or expat perspective of someone over there, to help me make the best choices. Especially since I won't get to see the place before my son and I join my hubby there later on, if we get to go.

The US State Dept website sounds like an advert from the auto club, reminding you to make sure you put air in the tires before you hit the road for a weekend trip.

It sounds...suspiciously...positive and intentionally vague.

And they don't tell you that certain areas are red light districts or known for high crime, drug trade, etc. They jusy give a general warning to tourists to guard their posessions against theft, etc.

Thanks again to all.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
11 Apr 2007 /  #13
I can't help much, but definately Nowa Huta sucks.
11 Apr 2007 /  #14
general warning to tourists to guard their posessions against theft

Just like in Time Squre in NY. I am from NY. Relax, I don`t know you. But it its safe. One day you`ll be Polish as well.
horunPoland - | 109  
12 Apr 2007 /  #15
bookraf just don't choose Nowa Huta area...
there are few new apartament houses in the city center try there ( near Cracovia ice-Stadium)

try also this site

also site have English version so don't wory
and what Krakow is you can see here cracow-life

You will work in Krakow or in Silesia area ?? because Mittal have one steelwork there
12 Apr 2007 /  #16
horun POLAND:

Live in Krakow, work about 30 mins away.

Just looked up Nowa Huta and finally found out why everyone says no to that area. But I had to google and read for about 2 hours to see what they were actually talking about. So much of what I found were sociology articles, etc. Not "real world" facts pertaining to personal safety, etc. Very sad.

Thanks again, everyone.
26 Apr 2007 /  #17
I am english but have a Polish mother so can speak fluent Polish. I lived in Krakow for 6months last yr on a work placement and often find myself going bk on wkends to see the friends that I made. Krakow is a great place and I too am looking to move out there soon. Over the yrs house prices and rent have increased massively in krakow so dont be surprised if rates are higher than you expected. In general Krakow is a very safe place and I never had any problems day or night. I lived near Cracovia football stadium which was very nice but anywhere that is around 15mins walking distance from the centre is a good place to live. 1 of my friends lives near the water park "park wodny", it is nice round also.

Krakow is a wonderful place I myself cant wait to move out there just looking for a job 1st which is proving difficult!!!!!!
28 Sep 2007 /  #18
hi, we moved to Krakow last year, I,m from here but the kids grew up in the States. Anyone out there that can give me an advise on how to get the kids used to the Polish schools?
24 Sep 2008 /  #19
mal/bookrat/anyone else,

I'm planning on moving to Krakow - Are there any places I can go to look for jobs, any suggestions?

zuba - | 1  
1 Oct 2008 /  #20
I am a pharmacist from Costa Rica, with a polish father. I want to move to poland, the problem is i dont speak polish. Is it possible to get a job as spanish teacher in warsaw. What is your opinion on warsaw? is it better to go to Krakow?
19 May 2009 /  #21
i looking for job for my boyfriend
him is american and don't speek polish
maby someone can write me some name any american companies in cracow
20 May 2009 /  #22
I am from the United States, and I'm currently looking for job opportunities near Krakow, Poland. I have a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering, and currently work at a computer software company. I don't know much Polish, but I am willing to learn. Any information would be helpful.


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