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sending text message to canada from poland

dieselboy27 1 | -  
19 Jan 2008 /  #1
I have family in poland and was hoping they would be able to send me sms's. I have a polish sim card from sim plus, does anyone know if they will send the sms to my phone in canada will it cost a lot for them to do this? Will I be charged in canada for receiving this sms? Has anyone from poland visiting canada have experience with this situation. Thanks! I really want my family to be able to write me and not have to pay a lot to do so.
krysia 23 | 3,058  
19 Jan 2008 /  #2
Yeah, it costs a little but they can get plans where it's affordable. Not all SMS's will get through to Canada. It depends on the phone. I'm in the US and cannot receive any from Poland. If one comes through, it is scrambled.
Blackout - | 1  
22 Jan 2008 /  #3
I believe this cost for an international SMS is around $0.50. It will be charged to the person sending, not receiving.

I'm in Canada and have had many problems calling and sending SMS's to Polish cell phones. My girlfriend in Poland is on a mobile network called "Play". I cannot call her cell from any phone in Canada, however, SMS's still go through to her... most of the time. I've had no troubling sending SMS's to Poland until lately when all of a sudden this past month about 50% just bounce back from my carrier saying I sent it to an invalid number. Her sending SMS's to my phone from Poland has never been a problem.

A cheaper alternative would be for your family to send SMS's from a progam called Skype if they have access to a computer and the internet. The cost is $0.07 per SMS. Again, I've had problems sending SMS messages with Skype to Poland but she's never had problems messaging me with it.
Davey 13 | 388  
23 Jan 2008 /  #4
I just know in Canada, they will ask you if you want to pay extra in your monthly rate to send unlimited international texts
gekkiefl - | 3  
30 Jan 2008 /  #5
if you use ORANGE in poland and the canadian carrier is ROGERS, your msgs will go thru.
the receiver doesnt pay anything but the sender does. in poland an international sms costs around .60 PLN. so it is not THAT expensive.

when you're abroad, you better check with your phone carrier. most companies charge anywhere between 1PLN to 3PLN.

if you use your polish sim card in canada, you will pay, though, as that's considered roaming for ya!
Sternik 2 | 12  
30 Jan 2008 /  #6
I have no problems sending/receiving sms/calls to Poland, as long as the other party is not on Play. I dont know why, but as Blackout said, Play is not working for me either. I am with Fido, so GSM network, as opposed CDMA.
18 Jun 2008 /  #7
Im with Telus I text a Cute boy in Poland I have to Add 011(its an overseas code) (before the Country code,and phone number). He has Been to Canada twice and we text while he's here also using the same code. Our delays Can Range from 5mins to 3hours... Even when he's here... I think overseas from canada is 25cents or something (additionally, even if you're on an unlimited txt plan)
19 Jul 2008 /  #8
in order to use your cellphone in poland or vice-versa i have found out that you need to unlock your phone ( iu think its a sim card) this way when you are there get a local card and use it. sending sms cost about $0.25 cents per message.
nice 1 | 2  
18 Dec 2008 /  #9
Is there any long distance homephone plans that are cheep to call cell phones in poland. My girl friend lives there and we talk a lot. I had a international unlimited plan with bell for 30 dollars a month. today I got a bill for 1000. I called them they said that making calls to cell phones are not covered by this plan. Thanks for telling me BELL.

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