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Need help...American Citizen marrying Polish Girl

2 Feb 2007 /  #31
I am so glad to hear your story.
It such a nice that you found someone who you love and love you.
I just call the atterney about this question.
He said it's around 3 months she will get the working permit.

11 Feb 2007 /  #32
Need Help.

I want to marry my Polish Finance, however I dont know if I should marry her in Poland or here in the US. Currently she has a tourist visa and we have already recieved permission from the judge in her city to get married. But a friend of mine is telling me that I should marry her here. Can you please tell me which is easier, to get married in Poland or here in the US? and my next question is what papers do I do next as far as filling out paper work? And what paper work needs to be done?

Thank for your help
krysia 23 | 3,057  
11 Feb 2007 /  #33
Normally it would be better to marry in the US, but since she has a visa, you can marry in Poland and come to the US together and once here file for adjustment of status.

If she didn't have a VISA and you marry her in Poland, then you would have to file for Spousal Immigrant papers and those take about 8-9 months because once she's here she gets a green card.
11 Feb 2007 /  #34
How do I go about filing for the adjustment of status? Is this the I 130 form? I plan to get married soon and bring her over to live with me here, if I marry her in Poland will she be able to stay here on her tourist visa or will she have to stay in Poland?
krysia 23 | 3,057  
11 Feb 2007 /  #35
It's form I-485. Here is all the information you will need:
11 Feb 2007 /  #36
Thanks for your help
krysia 23 | 3,057  
11 Feb 2007 /  #37
It's best if you are with her in the US because it's a long process to get her a spouse visa to get her over. She will be able to stay here once she's married to you but it's better if the visa doesn't expire.
12 Feb 2007 /  #38
need help still, just call this number and ask for Isadora 1 586 264 9800, THIS IS ALL THE INFO U NEED
King Sobieski 2 | 716  
12 Feb 2007 /  #39

what about your age, height, interests, dislikes, nationality, etc
14 Feb 2007 /  #40
I am a Macedonian girl I overstayed my J1 visa for 2 years...My American boyfriend and I are planing to get married...So my question is how hard is it going to be for us to do that?

Thx so much.
krysia 23 | 3,057  
14 Feb 2007 /  #41
Marry him and file I-485 adjustment of status.
but contact them with more questions:
15 Feb 2007 /  #42
Hi. i just wanted to let you know that I was in the same situation as you 21 years ago and I went for it, got married and am still happy and have three kids. You just have to do what feels right for you and for her. That may mean relocating for either of you at some point in the future, but if you're a team, you can work through anything and enjoy doing so. We didn't have any problem at all getting my wife's green card - and when we decided to relocate to Europe I didn't much trouble getting mine. Just expect burocracy and don't let it irritate you. Steve
krysia 23 | 3,057  
15 Feb 2007 /  #43
Still married after all those years?
You're an inspiration to all of us.
russian girl  
13 Apr 2007 /  #44
U know, i dont think that smb will ask for how long she is going to stay, cause i dont think they asked me that question. What she should do is to extend her tourist visa here, in USA, usually u can fill in the application online, but i;d better go to the attourney's office, what u'll need is passport, ssn, copy of her visa, plane ticket to go back. It will be 400 dollars for everything, then u wait for month, u receive a letter that they received an application, then, u go to DMV, if u will be lucky, they will give her an id, then in 2 months she will get her b-2 visa, she will stay legal from the moment she applied for extension. Then u marry, start the process, she will work illegally, but its a "secret", so there will be no record on Social security.
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
13 Apr 2007 /  #45
Then u marry, start the process, she will work illegally, but its a "secret", so there will be no record on Social security.

Not a good way to do things here. It's the easy way out and no one wants to have their loved ones departed.
25 May 2007 /  #46

I am a Polish girl who married an American citizen. There was A LOT of hurdles to jump, and it took a long time before I became a Permanent Resident. I still have 3 years to go before I can apply for taking the test to become a citizen.

You will face a lot of discouraging situations along the way (the USCIS is extremally slow and inefficient), but if you really love each other all that pain is well worth it.

My Hubby and I are very, very happy together and would do it all over again, even though at times we were very frustrated with the process.

Good Luck!
adilski 2 | 105  
26 May 2007 /  #47
a point to think about, i have experience of people going out with someone who does not have visa, be careful it could turn out a bit horrid
23 Sep 2007 /  #48
I have a question also. If me and my boyfriend get married (we are hoping for this withing the next year) how long till he can go to school? He is a Kuwaiti citizen and would need to first get his GED before going to college. THanks.
beatasq - | 1  
20 Jan 2008 /  #49
Krysia, I read some of your smart hints you gave to people, some of them are pretty old as from 2006. Could you help me please with my problem. I am polish and live in PL.

I want to marry an american citizen this year.I have my visa for 10 years and crossed the border few times.Where is the best place for us to marry, Poland or US to avoid all the problems with paper stuff as that worries me too much.So far we are working on the fiancee visa from Oct last year, but this case is still pending and will take time for sure.Our wedding is planned for 08.08.08 in Poland.Thanks in advance
4 Jan 2009 /  #50
I just married my wife who is here in the us on a visa from Brazil, We meet a yr ago in the us as she was visiting, she went back and foward visiting. Our immigration lawyer is starting the process for her to apply for a green card, he has asked me for the last 3 yrs of w-2, 2005-06 I showed a loss and 2007 I showed an income of $11,000. By law, being a new business owner, I can show a loss up to 3 or 5 yrs. My business does well and payes all my personal bill, even my morgage is payed up to march. Now will this be a problem with immigration, they deporting her saying I can't support her, even though I can. Now she is cooleage educated and also worked for the goverment of Brazil. What will happen??? I can also show a profit as tax season is her???

Krakowianka 1 | 243  
5 Jan 2009 /  #51
Check out this site, it helps a lot with family based immigration

visa journey

You dont need an attorney to get her the greencard. Its a simple process. The above site has members that can answer your questions along the way.

Your attorney also seems out of touch with the immigration requirements. You only need last years income taxes to be sent in with the filing (2 yrs ago they changed the rule from sending 3yrs of W2, to know only 1 yrs of tax info),

You can wait to file your adjustment of status, until you have your 2008 taxes completed in January.

You must meet the financial benchmarks for a family of 2 (assuming you have no kids, neither does she). If you show you dont make enough, you'll need a co-sponsor to sign for you.
30 Mar 2009 /  #52
I'm American and my husband is from Poland. We were together for several years as I was living in Poland and then he decided to finish his degree in the US. A year later we got married.

I would recommend going through the process with a good lawyer (Darren Silver is great). You have to provide alot of evidence that your marriage is genuine- you'll be ok!!!

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