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Chicago power fest!! Are any of you heavy metal fans?

PowerfestRob 1 | 2  
18 Aug 2008 /  #1

My name is Rob & I help organize the Chicago Powerfest, which is a metal fest that features metal bands from North America & far anyway. ;-)

One of the bands we would really like to bring over for our next fest in 2009 is a band called Horrorscope from Katowice. We tried to get them for this year's fest, but we couldn't find enough sponsors to help pay for their expenses...but that was before we thought to ask for help from the Polish community. ;-)

Horrorscope is an amazing band & we'd love to have them for the fest. Would anyone be interested in helping them? And even if you don't want to be a sponsor, would anyone here even be interested in coming to support them at our fest if/when we do get them?

I would post their site & our sites, but because I am new to this forum, I will respect your spam limits & only post them if anyone replies to this asking for them.

By the case you're wondering why the hell you should help us, I'm also 100% Polish. ;-) Both my parents moved to Chicago from Poland (Krosno area). Oh, and they also made me go to Polish school on Saturdays for 8 I paid my dues...haha At first I hated it, but I finally put it to good use when I did a couple interviews for my band Twelfth Gate, all in Polish!! ;-)

Hopefully, some of you are interested in helping or supporting the fest...

Thanks & take care...

BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
18 Aug 2008 /  #2
good luck in your search for sponsors and i believe youre welcome to post a link to their site
OP PowerfestRob 1 | 2  
18 Aug 2008 /  #3

I think I need to have a couple posts under my belt before the site will allow it. ;-)
sledz 23 | 2,250  
18 Aug 2008 /  #4
Yeah, post a link to it or PM me, its sounds like a good time:)
My friends are into metal maybe we`ll go and check it out.
Depending on what date it is?
OP PowerfestRob 1 | 2  
19 Aug 2008 /  #5's always a good time. It's also the first weekend in May...just in time for Polish independence day. Haha...I just realized that as I was typing the dates. ;-)

Hope that wouldn't conflict with anyone's Polish parade plans. ;-) Then again, you can party a bit at the parade & then come to the show. ;-) are the links:

Horrorscope (from Katowice) -

Powerfest sites:

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