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Polish Bars And Clubs in Queens/ Long island / NYC

vm500 2 | 39  
28 Aug 2007 /  #1
Wanted to hit some polish clubs and bars in NY in either Queens, Long island or Manhattan. Can anyone tell me some nice places to hit up to enjoy nice music, and maybe meet some polish women :) I love meeting people and having a good time.
joepilsudski 26 | 1,389  
28 Aug 2007 /  #2
Go to the Greenpoint/Williamsburg are of Brooklyn NYC and hit the street...You can take
the L train from 14th Steet/Union Sq. in Manhattan...get off at the Bedford station in
Williamsburg, and wander around...there are a ton of clubs of all different kinds, and
although you might not find a specifically 'Polish' club, there are plenty of Polish girls/
women around, and you will have an interesting time...this area has lots of galleries and the like, but there is a lot more room to move than Manhattan...or take the L train to the Lorimer Avenue interchange, then take the G train north two stops to Greenpoint Avenue, and you will be in the largest Polish neighborhood in NYC will find more specifically Polish bars/restaurants here & of course, a lot of Poles & Polish Americans...also, there are clubs up here...the 'Warsaw' has some more 'well-known' artists: it is a more mainstream place, but there are all different types of places there...

just talk to people on the street...also, Zebulon in Williamsburg is a good place for more
experimental music, and is a good bar.
OP vm500 2 | 39  
29 Aug 2007 /  #3
thanks.. any clubs or bars in NYC u knwo of?
joepilsudski 26 | 1,389  
29 Aug 2007 /  #4
I think Polacks have been priced out of Manhattan...I can't recommend any off hand...
Brooklyn is more fun anyway...check the Internet...there might be someplace on the
Lower East Side, but that area has become really yuppified, if you know what I mean.
OP vm500 2 | 39  
4 Sep 2007 /  #5
hey i heard there is a polish club near New Hyde Park, nassua long island? do you know where it is" any info?

Topic attached on merging:
Any one from NYC know any bars with polish music?

Any one from NYC know any bars with polish music?
AndyIFD - | 2  
28 Feb 2008 /  #6
If you wanna try some in New Jersey there are tons.
Clifton,Garfield, Wallington are all in the same area and not far from NYC.
Best Bet---Wallington
If you wanna try a polish club---Allzone in Roselle NJ.==Awesome, all polish girsl..

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