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We welcome Polish people to Britain!

Patrycja19 62 | 2,695  
23 Dec 2006 /  #31
heres one from me....put the poles back in camps and then they have all the work they wnat haha. maybe thats why they work work work all the bloody tim. sub-hamn slav-slave idiots.

u have a messed up mind manser.

how bout we put u in a camp alone, better yet, how bout the gas chambers?
anyone with disreguard to the holocaust should be put in there , so you can
sit and wonder what it was like for someone to die in there. or starve, while
working under conditions we cant even imagine.

I am going to stop right now, because this person needs a wake up call.

I see karma happen all the time, what ever you are bitter about , you need
to let go, because what you dish out comes back to you.
Eurola 4 | 1,907  
23 Dec 2006 /  #32
maybe thats why they work work work all the bloody tim. sub-hamn slav-slave idiots.

No, he is not drunk or high...he is 20 and he has a lot to learn. He enjoys instigating while hidden behind the screen. If he was walking around saying things like that, he would be very alone...well, maybe he is.

P.S. "Slava" stand for Glory.
Patrycja19 62 | 2,695  
23 Dec 2006 /  #33
I think he's bi-polar. He does post some nice things every now and then.

he is bitter over a woman who was polish, I seen his post in the other forum
and so now he has hate going on, that wont solve the problems at hand

he fell in love and got taken. but I think he wasnt telling the whole story on the
other forum, because the girl he talked about didnt want anything to do with him
like he was bothering her.

and its true, you can think you know someone, even in your daily lives and
they snap, and do things you never thought they would do.
23 Dec 2006 /  #34
last paragraph is very true.
Patrycja19 62 | 2,695  
23 Dec 2006 /  #35
Manser, dont keep on hating over one female. my god, your life isnt over
and you have plenty of time to find "The Right girl for you" , I dont know
why you would hate a whole population of Polish and say such mean things
over one person.

Yes, this could happen again too, maybe it isnt them, if your too nice, people
pick up on this, stay reserved, that attracts more then showing or bearing all,
leave some mystery for a woman to find out, its more alluring, give a little, but
keep your head on your shoulders too.

you know, any woman who finds a nice guy, who wants to spend time with them
but becomes overbearing and is up their arse will shy away. maybe what you
felt was not love but lust, and that can fool people, your attracted at first, but
become obscessed then you find yourself getting jealous , and doing things you
dont want to happen, but cant help it. and pushing this person away.

Love is something that grows between two people, it is not something that
happens in a few days, or overnight. you can really feel some heavy duty
urges, and butterflies, but once you get comfortable, you have time to get to
know this person, and it grows as time goes on.
Then when you are apart, you do have that trust that nothing will happen while
you are away from each other.

ok, I am done rambleing, I am sure i just bored the pants off everyone, so
everyone pull your trousers back up lol.
24 Dec 2006 /  #36
It’s notable that Manser is a student and appears to have no visible means of financial support except handouts from his parents.

He mocks Polish people for their work ethic, and yet their taxes are paying, to some degree, for his education. The vast majority of Poles in the UK are working hard and paying tax, and you, Manser, mock them whilst sat on your arse being a drain on our society.

I wonder if, when his mother brings him his nice shiny and new mobile phone tomorrow morning, he will take it from her and then proceed to mock her for her efforts in buying it?

To be honest, from what I’ve learnt of you from your behaviour and comments on this forum, it comes as no surprise that you can’t keep a girlfriend for more than 5 minutes.
Patrycja19 62 | 2,695  
24 Dec 2006 /  #37
Welsh, lets see what he has to say, sometimes we can assume we know, your ready to jump on the next " passerby" because of the last confrontation.

get some coffee and doughnut or something and Chill for a few till we see what
he really has to say. I dont think he really means half of what he says, I think
his anger got the best of him.

Maybe I am giving to much benefit of the doubt, but something tells me he needs
more then just repremanding, he needs some shoulders and new outlook on
life as do most who have been heartbroken.

like i said, I seen his post on another forum and it was a Polish girl who he was
with and it sounded like he was very in love. and then very rejected all in the same
24 Dec 2006 /  #38
I take your point Patrycia, and I’m honestly not looking for another ‘target’, well maybe I am, girlfriend in Poland, too much time on my hands etc.

But Manser really can’t go around, even on the internet, continuing to spurt anti-Polish invective like somebody with Turette’s Syndrome.

He’s already had his ‘right to reply’ in a previous thread, where after much debate he seemed to agree that although his ex- girlfriend may have treated him badly [remember we only have his side of the story, not her’s] that shouldn’t and couldn’t colour his opinion of Poles as a whole.

And then he comes out with yet another outburst of anti-Polish invective.

We have to ask just what he’s doing here, is it just that he feels the need to berate anyone who will listen for the pain he feels? If so, he could do that anywhere, it isn’t that cold in the UK, he could walk the streets doing that, and would find he would get plenty of exercise in the process.

It maybe of course that his mother let him have one Babycham too many and his outburst was just a temporary regression. However, such misbehaviour is unlikely to endear him to the opposite sex in the long term, and so, given that he seems prone to such miss-behaviour I still feel that it should be little surprise to him that his life feels so empty and lonely.

I’m no God botherer, but Manser could do worse than go along to Mass tonight and revel in the beauty of God and all his creation whilst celebrating the birth of our Saviour. He may find it a carthic experience, and filled with Jesus love he will find peace.

Or he may not, but at least he won’t be spouting anti-Polish rhetoric for one evening I suppose.

[PS. Sorry about the spelling mistakes, Manser can do the corrections when he wakes up]

[PPS. Merry Christmas Manser, be good and I’ll send you a 10 pound top up for your mobile phone, be naughty and I’ll come round your house and turn you Methodist]
24 Dec 2006 /  #39
I’m no God botherer, but Manser could do worse than go along to Mass tonight and revel in the beauty of God and all his creation whilst celebrating the birth of our Saviour

Jesus Christ! :)

Sounds like a 'god botherer' to me. Lol

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...
rafik 18 | 589  
24 Dec 2006 /  #40
last paragraph is very true.

i think that all you need is everyone's attention.
i know what may help you.try big brother.
24 Dec 2006 /  #41
babysham lol i dont think so.

and the reason why iw ant the new mobile is to have video calling, so that I can keep contatc with my friends and fmaily while I'll be abroad next summer. Im not a mobile fanatic like the rest at my age group?

sorry, poles paying for myd egre? erghh wrong, im paying 3000 a yera for tution, like always poles pay jackshit thanks.

if anything they pay for the dole money ppl r living one so take that comment back for starters pal.

oh and as for the 2 sides to the story, sorry but shes too stupid to write anything , elt me put it this way.

two polish guys in poland told me to avoid this girl but i was already way in too deep to just ay yeh of course ect.....enuff said, xmas 2moro.

hahaha leave it otu woelsh, i already feel guilty to the top of my had aksing for anything for xmas, iw ant to make it myself in thew orld, thats why im so ******* happy looking forard to the day i finish uni and get ajob to buy my own stuf in this corrupt world. and not having to rely on *daddy and mummy*. or shall i say dada and muma, that polish seems to say.
24 Dec 2006 /  #42
sorry but shes too stupid to write anything , elt me put it this way.

I’m sure you are correct, and you’ll be the one who is intelligent with an excellent grasp of your mother tongue then?
24 Dec 2006 /  #43
sorry welsh not pissed at ya, really

have a merry christmas with your partner ect. chilling out till 1st january

look after yourselves yeh.

welsh, if you emt Aldona, you would think god oh mighty why the hell did he get himself invovled with this slow duck................................seriosuly you have to meet her to judge. not pulling your chain here, she really is not a smart 1, although very nice person, wel maybe thats just me ebing ncie saying that last part.

welsh = On all forums my english is shite, I dont double check my writing, simple as.would I be at uni now? nope.

shes so stupid i got a sms from her today saying, *

i now go sleep bo i tired, i have take 1 pound left on mobile*

despite that everything had happen,

anyway this crap ended on a different thread.

its christmas jutro so chill it yeh.
24 Dec 2006 /  #44
Feckin' 'ell, It ain't Polish or English :(

Is it Gibberish? where's my ENIGMA machine gone? :)
24 Dec 2006 /  #45
manser, feel free to air it out, I won't tell you what to do or anything, I've been through similar things and am not exactly where I wish to be either.

but if you want to keep quiet, that's cool. just saying I can read. :) I think you're an okay fellow if you would try a less volatile tone. understandable though. but not exactly helping yourself. trust me on that one. :)

merry christmas bro. :)
24 Dec 2006 /  #46
Merry christmas Arien.
Patrycja19 62 | 2,695  
24 Dec 2006 /  #47
ok Paul, hope your Christmas is much better, as for bashing the poles, they are
not stupid, they are hard workers, your bitter, so I dont take anything you post
literally, anyway, do what you need to do.

Welsh, your being more of a dad then a target seeker. not a bad thing, but he has
a bad insight on life now since she is still trying to contact him, I dont think she
understands you, or you do her.

Friends can be there, and they can also be to overbearing, I listen to myself, I
dont take advice from my Friends (when I was in a relationship) in my 20s.

they dont know
what you do, what she does. they assume, so when you listen, it becomes worse
then it really is, how would they know her, or anything else, unless you have a
24 hour spy watching.

next time, tell your friends they are there to listen, if they truely are your friend,
and not tell you how to live your relationships. that is a true friend. offering
their ears . as for you and her, well, let me point out, that there are many on
here who know me, but we are all from different places, and communication
and just posting on here, people can get wrong impressions just because they
dont understand where your coming from, humor, serious topics etc, so yes
if you both are from different countries, it takes time to know someone and
know how to communicate without feeling frustrated.

so, I think you calling her stupid was your own selfish anger.

MY motto, It is better to say you have loved then to never have loved at all!

now buckle up and fly strait. :)

Oh Yeah, Merry Christmas. I have to get back to my Cooking!
24 Dec 2006 /  #48
Culture difference maybe

merry christmas patricia.
Syrena_04 2 | 88  
25 Dec 2006 /  #49
I'm very sorry you got hurt, Manser. Nothing breaks the heart quite like loving and, instead of being loved back, being hurt and wounded. It happened to me too and, I would bet, to most of us in life. It happens quite a bit when we are young, too. Not that it doesn't happen later on in life, as well, but most of us mature as we get older and know better than to hurt someone who loves us. We try to let them down more gently, I suppose. Perhaps it is because we remember how much it hurt, in our younger days. Chin up, sweetie. And take good care of yourself.
26 Dec 2006 /  #50
Im just come back from London after 3 years lived there. I got mixed feelings It looks like everybody think only about money :) I had jewish employer maybe thats a reason.

After 3 months here in Poland I must admit I miss England. I was in many countrys like Sweden, Hungary, Germany, France but England is my favorite people are very friendly and helpful. So maybe I return soon :)

See You in future mates!
ANIAH - | 60  
26 Dec 2006 /  #51
heres one from me....put the poles back in camps and then they have all the work they wnat haha. maybe thats why they work work work all the bloody tim. sub-hamn slav-slave idiots.

Manser, you are a blithering idiot and I hope you get banned from all these forums you frequent soon as you are offensive, immature and full of self pity.
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554  
26 Dec 2006 /  #52
Hey Pani A :) He had everyone feeling bad for him in the other forum. I can't get this kid. He's out of it.
ANIAH - | 60  
26 Dec 2006 /  #53
sshhhhhhhh! I'm here incognito :) Are you Mr B?

If anyone reading this thinks I am too harsh on Manser they should go to and read what he has written there. All 10 or so pages of it.

What gets me is that he asks for advice, is given it (time and time again), people sympathise (time and time again) and then he has the b***** audacity to call us idiots. Does he actually know what went on in these camps? Perhaps if his grandparents were in one of these he would be more careful in what he says.

merry Xmas!
26 Dec 2006 /  #54
That's nice. I'm living near B'ham more than 2 years now and believe you me I haven't met anybody with that attitude..
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554  
26 Dec 2006 /  #55
sshhhhhhhh! I'm here incognito Are you Mr B?

:) can be

I actually felt bad myself.
26 Dec 2006 /  #56
If anyone reading this thinks I am too harsh on Manser they should go to and read what he has written there. All 10 or so pages of it.

no, I don't think you are being too harsh, but manser seems to display the same behaviour as I have for some while.

let's just say I think he might be in more pain than you would think, more pain than he wants to tell anyone. maybe he wants sympathy without having to tell the entire truth as it could be very embarrassing, or painful. maybe manser is feeling totally alone and maybe he has too many troubles.

let's just say I think manser is an okay fellow, but he needs people to talk to and some time to open up completely.

just like me. :) and manser, I know I'm probably not right about everything, so don't go there. but believe me, stop what you're doing, talk to someone who does understand the meaning of the word trouble.

because I think you are a sensitive fellow, otherwise you wouldn't go on about it so I think you will regret hurting someone when the truth comes out? anyway, whatever you do, face your demons. fight them or accept them, that's your own choice. :) just don't do what I did.

thank you for your time. just consider, don't have to defend yourself. :)

and also, I have a somewhat silly question for you aniah, but do you have a twin sister by any chance? just wondering if you're someone I've known, because it could be we've met before.

but nevermind if you aren't. :)
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554  
26 Dec 2006 /  #57
let's just say I think manser is an okay fellow, but he needs people to talk to and some time to open up completely.

No offense to you, but Bullsh*t

I can understand if you're talking smack about women because you were "hurt"but to slag off a whole country for it? Come on eff that. He's an inconsiderate sob.
26 Dec 2006 /  #58
oh really? well, that's your judgement.

I have a reason for saying this. maybe you should really come and live where I live for a while. you'll get yourself stabbed in no time if you trust everyone around you. friendly polish? yeah sure they're like you and me all the same.. but in the not so fortunate neighbourhoods you'll find yourself the little less friendly polish.

and if these are the guys who also take the jobs you happen to need desperately, your judgement of a nation might get clouded by frustrations. and don't get me wrong, I don't think this is right and I disagree with the things he is saying, but you should ask yourself if the guy really means it.

so no offense to you, but some people do live in a different world and do get a load of crap on them, which sometimes can be a little too much. :) and I happen to think he lives downtown too, if you understand what I mean.

but like I said, I could be wrong about a few things. I'm not a shrink. :)

anyway, don't go there. I would like to hear it from him in person before we start all types of arguments again. :)
26 Dec 2006 /  #59
Arien - you are typical brit, just stupid.
Frank 23 | 1,183  
26 Dec 2006 /  #60've not elevated our friend from Holland to being a Britisher?

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