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13 Sep 2006 /  #1
Are you currently in UK? Tell us what you like & dislike in here...?

for example: The lifestyle, work, weather, peoples, society, culture, food, transport etc...
13 Sep 2006 /  #2
I am Scottish from Glasgow:
I like the variety of food available
The weather has been better in the last few years - thanks to global warming - but of course that's not a good thing.

I love the scottish scenery
I love the beautiful beaches in scotland especially up north.
The people in general can be fantastic - bu there are some total idiots that make you wish you were not scottish - ie -being racist - ignorant of other people - no respect - but thats because I was brought up properly and taught respect.

I think the people in Scotland have a very poor wage compared with England.
There is plenty to do and see in Glasgow/Scotland.
Some fantastic places to eat and visit in Glasgow.
Transport if fantastic - reasonably priced - cheaper if you book in advance for some trips.

hope this has been helpful.
Love the forum and first time visiting it - but will be back again.
Talk to you guys soon.
R x
13 Sep 2006 /  #3
1.english food is awful and tasteless!sorry im honest... is horrible(i dont like polish weather as well)
3.People...adults and elderly people are very nice and helpful but teenagers and young people so rude and not friendly.
4.Culture....hmmm....its mix of cultures, interesting......
5.Transport-i like, better than in poland.
6.Living condition-much better than polish.
7.I like traditional old english houses:)

Generaly i havent anything against UK, i wouldnt like live there but for holiday its ok.
I have lots nice memories:)
13 Sep 2006 /  #4
1...........If you can find traditional English food. It's good.
.............I can't live on double egg chips 'n' beans.
2..........Weather.. It depends where I am and when.
3-7.......I agree with Polaca.
13 Sep 2006 /  #5
I always feel good when in UK. The only problem I have is the one with hot and cold water running from separate plumbing pipes and not mixing....weird! Food is OK and I think London is spectacular in general. I love the tube, buses and polite drivers. I would stick to polish beer though and I don't like when Enlish are getting... patriotic.
14 Sep 2006 /  #6
I like politeness here, people are in general heplful.
Since moving here I calmed down - I like this little sarcastic attitude of British people to everything here.Weather is ok, similar all year so I don't need 2 different clothes for summer and winter.

I don't like food in UK tasteless and artifical. Public transport in Pereborough is awful- much better in Krakow.

Living condition- ??? Economical situation is better here , more work opprotunities,more money.

But with lots money I would prefer to live in Poland in UK everything is private, can't go to the woods to pick some mushrooms , blackberries....or fishing ....I find it quite amusing catching fish and putting it back to the river. You can't even buy apple without "perfect" size and shape.
14 Sep 2006 /  #8
I keep hearing that English food is horrid, traditional english food is good it just all the rubbish that's bland.
14 Sep 2006 /  #9
Hiya all,

I hate the english weather especailly just coming back from a holiday to Turkey where the weather was so hot and turned my skin golden ha ha

The transport is disgustingly dirty and stinks - i don't no if it just the rough areas of which i have to travel to get to work

I hate the fact that London is quick as in money cars clothing and the way many english people (not to sure about others) judge other people far to quickly and are quite iggnorant

The food here has too many calories in them but then i suppose i have myself to blame for eating it
14 Sep 2006 /  #10
I hear that it rains almost every day. Sounds like Seattle. Isn't it depressing to live in such a gloomy place?

Or is this not true?
14 Sep 2006 /  #11
Or is this not true?

Not true, yesterday was brilliant sunshine - today it's throwing it down - it's very varied.. tomorrow it might snow!

BTW I live in Manchester - it has a reputation for raining....but I find it's slightly exagerated.
14 Sep 2006 /  #12
I think I get most of this from movies. It seems like it's always raining/foggy in London
14 Sep 2006 /  #13
Lol....that's so funny....
14 Sep 2006 /  #14
think the people in Scotland have a very poor wage compared with England.

Yeah, sometimes you have to work for a pot on your shoulder :)
14 Sep 2006 /  #15
Well the weather was appauling last night here raining with thunder and lightning out of the blue :)
14 Sep 2006 /  #16
Same for me has to be the weather i dislike the most , the dark winter nights seem to go on forever :(
As for the English food it depends on who is cooking it :)
15 Sep 2006 /  #17
I forgot about one thing.
I cant understand how pubs can be closed at 10 or 11 pm???
15 Sep 2006 /  #18
I cant understand how pubs can be closed at 10 or 11 pm???

New opening hours, they can open 24 hrs if they like...most still close at 11 but in the city they open till about 2 or if you're friendly with your local landlord - you get AT's and can stay as long as you like.....
15 Sep 2006 /  #19
England must be the only place in the world that has rain and a drought at the same time.

I thought some pubs now had the option to stay open for longer. Is that not the case ?
15 Sep 2006 /  #20
I tend to agree with the food, but if you pay for it you can get excellent food.

London can be dirty, smelly, rough and rude. BUT it can be stunning, full of life and a melting pot (good and bad) mix which makes it so interesting and allows you to just be yourself.

The best thing for me is the job opportunities here...especially if you have some experience in your chosen field. Work hard, get your foot in the door and the possibilities are endless!
15 Sep 2006 /  #21
Things that I really enjoyed:

1. White cookies, with bits of chocolate from Marks & Spencer’s; jelly with pudding, strawberries and cake from Sainsbury’s; vinegar crisps; full English breakfast (but without that awful sausage).

2. Pubs and their atmosphere.
3. The way the women dress in the UK.
4. Car boot. :)

Transport-i like, better than in poland.


7.I like traditional old english houses

7. British humor.
8. And of course British ROCK'N'ROLL baby!! :)

Things that I disliked:
1. Prices of cigarettes
2. British public TV (there’s nothing happening there until 6 pm)
3. Food products, especially tomatoes! They look OK, but have no taste.

hot and cold water running from separate plumbing pipes and not mixing....

(I was scared that its going to be the same with the shower :) )
5. Alcohol being sold only till 11 pm.
15 Sep 2006 /  #22
I think what annoys me the most about the UK in which i live, its turned in to different classes of society, and that there is one law for one and one for another. The Govt in this country is always at each others throats. No disrespect to foreigners but we have alot in this country not doing anything, just standing around street corners, when we haven't got enough work for ourselves.(Govt again). We also seem to be over run with Charity shops and fast food as well. Our public transport is a laugh as its always going wrong. Also the thing that get my back up mainly is that the NHS is dying, where i live we have to go miles in a car to get to a dentist if there is one, and im one like many that have paid into this NHS and its not there for me now.

Yes and another thing i hate people that be little others, i think we should show respect to all, as were know better or worse than them.

Now what do i like(Thinking): It has to be helping others less fortunate then myself and to see satisfaction at the end of it, for a good deed done. I like to communicate somehow with different nationalities and travel to see how others live. I enjoy piece and quite so do alot of fishing and camping, i sometimes like company as ling as it is not to loud.

My music tastes vary from Rock to Country, and i like Poloca and working on her(when she replys), he he.
I am a good natured guy and thats my strongest contribution to life, I enjoy salad food did have a thing for Chinese food and fast food, then thought this aint doing me any good and dieted. Would like to have a best friend online and girlfriend, but if it dont happen well it dont happen.

One last thing i think since being on here i have met some wonderful people, and its been a pleasure talking to you, and hope it carry's on.

Thanx for listening

15 Sep 2006 /  #23
3. The way the women dress in the UK.

Can you explain?

1. Prices of cigarettes

I know, I can get 200 for 15 quid in Poland yet pay 50 in england.....

was scared that its going to be the same with the shower )

I dont understand, In Franch they have separate taps, also in Italy and in be honest I did really take much notice in Poland...oh and in the Czech Rep. they have separate taps....come on guys you must have some places where they have separate taps....Surely it wasnt that much of a shock when you came to the UK


can you recommend any nice bars in Wroclaw, I'm going for a few days in December

Also to settle a bit of debate between me and my is Wraclaw pronounced...(for an English person) - I thought it was Vrotswav??
15 Sep 2006 /  #24

Say this quickly as one word: Vrot-suave.

I'm sorry but I can't help with bars. I'm a stay at home person. I will ask around the family and let you know soon.

There is another forum member from Wroclaw you could ask. But I can't remember who !!

And of course you could ask Sadheer who is in Wroclaw.

Sorry, I'm not much help.


Sorry. Sudheer
15 Sep 2006 /  #25
Shelley... there are many interesting bars/pubs in and around the market place in Wroclaw. Depending on your mood and interest you can choose the ones to spend most time.

Here is a short list

Manana - one of the hot favorites of local. Quite a run down place and not too big to have a dancefloor, but people dance everywhere. Can be quite crowded over the weekend but a place that needs a quick visit atleast over the weekdays.

Niebo - A classic hard rock place. Quite laid back as well and the place the locals go to close the partying as they are known to open late into the wee hours.

Garage - A classic discotheque with more international tunes with a mix of ricky martic, alicia keys, vengaboys and U2. But open only on weekends.. I think..

Radiobar - Classic retro discotheque with a large dance floor inside (not the one you see as soon as you climb down the stairs but inside). Mostly dance hits and retro/club music with blissfully good aircon for a change. Somehow has a bad reputation amongst locals but always full and crowded.

Chillout - A classic lounge bar with too many differing interiors inside. I think you can return 2-3 times to this place with each day having a different feel to it as compared to the other just based on the place you choose to sit.

PRL - Communist themed pub with murals of all the leaders you can name of and staff dressed in red and white party themes. Its more of a mock at communism rather than followers.

I think you should open it as a new thread to talk of your plans and what makes sense in Wroclaw.

For more details and locations, check the link below.
15 Sep 2006 /  #26
keep hearing that English food is horrid, traditional english food is good it just all the rubbish that's bland.

I agree with you but it is more and more difficult to get traditionla english food.

I suppose the best advice is to cook something traditionla at home.:)

I don't mind so much weather in England. In Poland if it starts raining it rains, rains......if you have to walk a lot your shoes look dirty and awful.

In England you have showers than everything evaporate so quickly. That is why air is always moist and it is so green everythere.You don't have much mud here as everything dries so quickly.

What I miss is probbaly more sun. There are so many gloomy, grey days without sun.
15 Sep 2006 /  #27
sudheer - thanks everso much for the list of places - it's sounds like a fun place.
15 Sep 2006 /  #28
Oh my i need to start travelling there are so many people on here talking about diffeent countries and the places within countries at such a young age i have not experienced half as much as people on here x:)x
15 Sep 2006 /  #29
Sara. You're very lucky to be in the UK. You can just hop a cheap centralwings flight for cheap to anywhere in Europe...even for a weekend. I wish I was able to do that. Get out there!!
15 Sep 2006 /  #30
I have no confidence to just get up and do things like that alone hence the reason why i am still proply here - friend of mine don't even think about travelling x:)x

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