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Polish pupils in UK secondary schools

miss patsy 1 | 2  
5 Feb 2009 /  #1
Hi there !

Would any secondary school pupils like to have their voices heard?

I am doing a research study into the experiences of Polish pupils in UK secondary schools and would be grateful if you could help me please.

Any information you can give me about starting school here and any ongoing issues would be great as would any positive experiences

Parents are welcome to speak on their childs behalf, but I would love to hear from pupils themselves.

You can email me directly.

Many thanks in advance

5 Feb 2009 /  #2
I don't really think this is a site for schoolchildren ?

Maybe you should contact some schools direct as this type of post ( although all very innocent maybe ?) isn't really the correct way to go about it these days. You must be aware that unscrupulous people try any means in order to attract and 'groom' innocent under 16 year old children.

Therefore it can be a bit difficult for people to know what is genuine or not, especially on the Internet?

ShelleyS 14 | 2,893  
5 Feb 2009 /  #3
Very good point LIR.
OP miss patsy 1 | 2  
5 Feb 2009 /  #4
I am certainly not one of 'those' people, but I think you make a valid point, thanks.
Mister H 11 | 761  
5 Feb 2009 /  #5
I'm sure you're not, but I think you should edit your post if possible or ask the moderators to do so for you.
OP miss patsy 1 | 2  
5 Feb 2009 /  #6
I have done so and will include this in my research study, thanks.

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