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Most appreciated gifts from UK to Poland

mos_sed 3 | 10  
22 Feb 2008 /  #1
I have a friend in Poland who has selflessly assisted me with a variety of stuff over the years. I have got to know his family (Wife + 2 daughters Ages 21 & 18) as well and on my next trip would like to bring along gifts that will be appreciated by them. As for my buddy, he's ok - we'll share a couple of beers.

I would like some advice from the Polish perspective on what kind of gifts Polish families would appreciate from, say, the UK. The last thing I want to do is show up with any old tat because I'm lousy at these things.

Thanks in anticipation.
Kasz 1 | 75  
25 Feb 2008 /  #2
hmm... i belive its presonal, hard to say what they like/prefer... i dunno how long u gona stay in poland, just take ur beers and move ur ass here and gona be ok dun try to be friends with his kids or wife(if u dont know her alerdy) just show them urself :P i bet they have same problems with u inc :P like "what he like", "what we should talk when he comes", or "what we should give him at the end of his trip " etc so take it easy and be urself :P give them some unforgettable time when u gona be together :P make photos maby movies, put it on youtube and give them link or somethin like that... If u bring something expensive they can take it as "Im a nice uncle from UK so here are presents for ya poor polen kids " [(<-- joke) :P:P and its aint cool] Gl with ur trip

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