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Can I marry a Polish boy and stay in London longer?

cristiangrimald 1 | 1  
5 May 2009 /  #1
Hi everybody... I found this website by coincidence as I am always on internet looking 4 some solutions about my situation, I came to London to work but my work permit expires in september, the problem now is that I fall in love with a polish boy and he wants marry me but I do not if is posible to get marry in London and live here for a couple of years, he works in a company...

if someone knows something helpful please let me know. I am from Mexico.

ShelleyS 14 | 2,893  
5 May 2009 /  #2

Even if you are allowed to get married to him, I'm not sure what your rights are with regards to working here...the new points system is in place now and since neither of you are British citizens it might make things more difficult.
OP cristiangrimald 1 | 1  
5 May 2009 /  #3
so that means that is gotta be quite difficult to live here with him!!!
cashley - | 3  
22 Jun 2009 /  #4
i will marry you for a price that way you will be allowed to stay here on british citizen ship then we divorce and you marry him as a british citizen
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859  
22 Jun 2009 /  #5
Why not marry and settle in Poland or Mexico?
aphrodisiac 11 | 2,441  
22 Jun 2009 /  #7
Why not marry and settle in Poland or Mexico?

or Ireland.....
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859  
22 Jun 2009 /  #9

They should go home to their own nations to get married. To be honest, there is nothing worse than somebody getting married or giving birth just to stay in a country.

People who do this are the lowest of the low.
Del boy 20 | 254  
23 Jun 2009 /  #10

De Valera was born in the New York Nursery and Child's Hospital in New York City in 1882 to anIrish mother; he stated that his parents, Catherine Coll (subsequently Mrs Wheelwright), an immigrant from Bruree, County Limerick, and Juan Vivion de Valera, a Cuban settler and sculptor, were married on 18 September 1881 at St. Patrick's Church located within the Greenville Section of Jersey City, NJ.

or something from your back yard
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859  
24 Jun 2009 /  #11
Del boy

Did they get married to stay in America? No they did not. Devs mother did not emigrate from Ireland, she fled Ireland as her family home was burned to the ground by British soldiers.
BritishEmpire - | 148  
24 Jun 2009 /  #12
You know revoke i do agree with some of your opinions but just drop the crap about britain all the time, ireland will be re-united but its going to take time.
RevokeNice 15 | 1,859  
25 Jun 2009 /  #13

No, no it will not. Study the GFA agreement, Sinn Fein have have made Brit rule in NI legitimate.
likolki - | 2  
26 Jun 2009 /  #14
Even if she will find her future husband needs to go back to Mexico and get marry in there.Apply for visa in Mexico to come back to UK and prove that they are living as married,good luck

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