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An emergency, Embassy information and advice

hdmiman 2 | 12  
17 Sep 2009 /  #1
Hi all.

I'm sorry but I'm in sort of an urgency, a very close friend of mine has gone from Polska to England, she says she was going to stydu there, however, when she arrived, things started going badly for her and she's very scared, she's just hung of the phone and she doesn't know what to do, I'm afraid she might get in trouble.

Please, help me help her, I don't know what to do
The only thing I can think of is, can someone please send me the Polish Embassy adress in London, so she can go there, if she arrives, she's supposed to get immediate help, right??

I'm in Mexico and I've no way to be there for her, but I have to help her, I almost died when she told me she was really scared and that the man who was "helping her and her other friend" seems to be a liar and now is asking money for everything.

Please, give me the address and if anyone has an idea of what can I do please tell me.

NOTE: This is not a joke, please, I'm too far to help her in person but I want to call her. Right now, we're sending us messages by cellphone, but I'm worried something might happen to her
ShawnH 8 | 1,507  
17 Sep 2009 /  #2
47 Portland Place
London W1B 1JH

Tel : 0870 774 2700
Fax : 0207 291 35 75; 0207 291 35 76
E-mail :
OP hdmiman 2 | 12  
17 Sep 2009 /  #3
Thanks for your quick response, I'm sending her the address now.

Does anyone know any other information she might find useful? I'm afraid she left with not much info and I'm afraid of her getting into some more trouble =(
plk123 8 | 4,148  
17 Sep 2009 /  #4
what kind of trouble? maybe she needs to flag down a bobby?
OP hdmiman 2 | 12  
17 Sep 2009 /  #5
Oh, Thanks, she's a lot more relaxed now.
Her problem is mainly she (and her friend) got scared when their cellphones stopped working (I told her it would happen but she didn't believe me) and the man who was there to pick them didn't have a cab and they saw the appartament they were going to rent, far from their school, not like they've told them it was very near. When we talked she was really scared feeling she had no idea what to do, now she's a bit better, I'll keep in touch with her.

Thanks for the address, I feel better now she's more calmed, I hope tomorrow is a better day for her
17 Sep 2009 /  #6
she's supposed to get immediate help, right??

Not really, no. Embassies give only very very limited help.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595  
17 Sep 2009 /  #7
If she truely feels she is in a dangerous situation, the police should be contacted.
Mister H 11 | 761  
21 Sep 2009 /  #8
I'm in Mexico and I've no way to be there for her

But you obviously have access to the internet, why didn't you just use that to look up the address for the Polish embassy ?

I never been to an embassy, so no idea what they do and don't do, but would assume it's who you would turn to if you got arrested or something pretty serious was happening.

Her problem is mainly she (and her friend) got scared when their cellphones stopped working.

Sounds like they're just having a few problems adjusting to their new situation and maybe didn't do enough research before they came.

Not sure what the embassy would do other than tell them to calm down and to stop being so dramatic.
OP hdmiman 2 | 12  
28 Sep 2009 /  #9
Hahaha, well, it's true the embassy is a last resort, but I gave them the adress to run there in case the have a big problem, besides, it helped them feel more relaxed =)

Thx 4 the help

Thread closed :D

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