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british exodus

16 Nov 2007 /  #1
Okay whats people's views on this i dont normally read the daily rags unless an interesting article grabs me on the front cover this being on the independant newspaper or the times newspapers only, just wonder what everyones take is on this and do you think the UK is becoming a Global Hub ...

The headline reads - Astounding new figures show record numbers of migrants are crossing the world in search of better lifestyles. Should they be welcomed? Are they Parasites? Or should they all go back to where they are from?*

*Thats britain by the way.

Here is the online article

but here is the picture from the newspaper:

The figures which arent clear in the picture are as follows:
Poland - inbound - 68,000
China - inbound - 26,000
India - inbound - 58,000
Pakistan - inbound - 32,000
Elsewhere - outbound - 69,000
Philippines - inbound - 12,000
Australia - inbound - 27,000
outbound - 52,000
New Zealand - inbound - 12,000
outbound - 14,000
France - outbound - 27,000
South Africa - inbound - 17,000
Spain - outbound - 29,000
USA - inbound and outbound - 17,000
Germany - inbound - 17,000

stats in 2006
postie 7 | 112  
16 Nov 2007 /  #2
Very interesting article!

Reading "between the lines" of it though, it may not be as simple as the UK being a Hub.

It looks, at least to me, like some of the people are returning home, as stated here:

Australia was by far the most popular destination, with 100,000 heading Down Under, Australians returning home after working in Britain and UK nationals emigrating. Some 56,000 people moved to Spain and 40,000 to France

I guess that some of those going to India and Pakistan are British nationals of Asian descent, but would count as UK nationals leaving.

Maybe instead of it being exactly like a Hub, some of those could be classed as Generational Rebound. Maybe those who've worked here for 40+ years, earnt their money and are returning to the land of their birth. Maybe they're 2nd generation and are returning to discover the land they came from.

Of course, there are those leaving for the obvious reasons such as better jobs or better weather. But it'd be interesting to know what the exact breakdown would be of those leaving. As usual, UK statistics leave a lot to be desired in what they don't tell....

Interesting none the less!
the_falkster 1 | 180  
16 Nov 2007 /  #3
UK statistics leave a lot to be desired in what they don't tell....

every statistic can be bent and interpreted to exactly tell what one wants it to tell...

the figures above during which time span are they taken? 1week, 1month, 1year?
Polanglik 11 | 303  
16 Nov 2007 /  #4
Official figures from the Office of National Statistics showed that in 2006 591,000 people (this includes returning Britons) entered the country last year as 400,000 left.

It is believed that for the first time ever more than 200,000 British citizens left the country in a single year; the most popular destinations were Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain and US.

The figures confirm that Britain’s population will rise by 10 million over the next 25 years.

Figures show that fewer than one in five newcomers come from the new EU nations in eastern Europe, which includes Poland and the Czech Republic.

Most newcomers, a total of 115,000 were from countries in Asia and Africa, with 92,000 from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Biggest influx from a single country into Britain last year was from Poland, with a total 68,000

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