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train tracks in Gdansk

7 Aug 2008 /  #1
Looking at a Google map of central Gdansk I am struck by the enormous number of train tracks, branches and sidings particularly in the area all around Ostrów. To the right is an extraordinary number. ZNTK,

My question is, are these all still in use for goods/freight, or are they closed lines?

Can I bump this in case someone who knows the answer missed the question?
15 Aug 2008 /  #2
are you talking down near przerobka?
OP HelenaWojtczak  
16 Aug 2008 /  #3
Wow! A reply.

Yes, but not only przerobka, but in a one kilometre radius around it. I've never seen so many train tracks and sidings in my whole life. Who would know about this? I'm really interested to know.
16 Aug 2008 /  #4

I've just realized why you have an interest. I hope someone can help you out.
16 Aug 2008 /  #5
if you look closely at google map the majority dont really appear to go anywhere. for moving freight etc round stocznia. i imagine maybe 1 or 2 may still get some sort of use but i doubt very many. the main track runs north from the central station along jana z kolna before splitting and part heads right down to nowy port

what was your interest in these tracks, Helena?
OP HelenaWojtczak  
18 Aug 2008 /  #6
Just wondered if they are still in use. I am very interested in industry and especially in industrial archaeology.

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