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what can anyone tell me about these hotels/location-wise etc?

5 May 2007 /  #1
These are the hotels i am looking at booking could anyone advise if they are alright (if you know that is) and where in relation to near the centre as obviously i am not a frequent visitor to the area and would like to be central to work from?

Torun - Kosmos Hotel
Poznan - Polonez Hotel or Gromada Hotel
Warsaw - Logos
Wroclaw - Motel Wroclaw
Krakow - City Hostel

if anyone has any others that they recommend please let me know?
Lodzy - | 16  
6 May 2007 /  #2
Krakow is a beautiful place fantastic place to stay ;)
OP telefonitika  
6 May 2007 /  #3
i have been krakow before but with college Lodzy stayed in the Hotel Krakus as it was college booking.

Just wondering what people's views on those hotels listed were more than the places going to ?
Alicja - | 44  
6 May 2007 /  #4
That one in Krakow is nicely lokated and pretty new so it should be in a good condition. Looks like a good choice.
Kowalski 7 | 621  
8 May 2007 /  #5
I can racommend this one for Krakow:,en/

It has no real lobby and lucks the hotel feel, nor restaurant, too but rooms are very fine and inexpensive. You would have great room for the price of bunk bed in Krakow hostel, 5 minutes from the Krakow Rynek Glowny makes it my prefered Krakow hotel-motel. They opend last summer so everything still should be relatively new and the stuff is family run (probably) so they would make that extra effort to make your stay fine.

If I were you I wouldn't stay in any of those two Poznan hotels. They are both huge and overpriced and the only way out of them would be by cab or walking in trafic toward old town where you probably want to end up anyway. I can't recomend you anything in Poznan since I have close friends there so I always stay with them when there but those two are.... huge, chained and IMHO expensive (not woth that kind of money they ask)
OP telefonitika  
8 May 2007 /  #6
cheers on the advice kowalski its very appreciative :)
ukinpoland 5 | 338  
8 May 2007 /  #7
Tele I live in Torun I will look for the Kosmos tomorow and reply here


meaning today lol

Tele I have looked on the google map and that hotel is soooo close to the centre. You will be able to see it when looking out rom your window. Its a compact town as well so everything is pretty close together. Are you sure about this hotel though? I dont mind walking around and checking the others out if you want, I work in the evenings so during the day I have nothing to do. Let me know if you need any help.
davidpeake 14 | 451  
9 May 2007 /  #8
try this link tele
OP telefonitika  
9 May 2007 /  #9
cheers on the help ukinpoland :)

and davidpeake on the link :D

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