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Prepaid mobile Internet

11 Aug 2009 /  #1
Hey there,

I got a question. Is there any possibilty to get an mobile internet access based on prepaid with something like a "one-day-flatrate" or a prepaid "one-month-flatrate" in poland; like it is possible with fonic oder aldi talk in germany für like 2 or 3 bucks per day?

last time i got a starter pack by era for about 24 pln which included 80 mb, i mean 80 mb are fine; but i would rather prefer a day or one month prepaid (without a contract) flatrate.

best regards peter

ps. cant wait to get back to zakopane in 2 weeks !
Ajb 6 | 232  
11 Aug 2009 /  #2
I just got Play mobile internet on pay as you go... cost me 269zl which included 1GB and i think it was 50zl for another 5GB (on promotion) seems to have very good coverage although you can check on there website i belive..

Hope that helps :)
OP Petermobile  
11 Aug 2009 /  #3
hmm 270 pln are still 60 euro... thats way tooo much in my mind. i can get a one month prepaid data flatrate for 14,99 euro here ;-)
Ajb 6 | 232  
11 Aug 2009 /  #4
if you have the USB thingy.. then you can also just buy a SIM for 19zl which includes 1GB and top up as above :)
11 Aug 2009 /  #5
i can get a one month prepaid data flatrate for 14,99 euro here ;-)

Poland isn't western Europe, especially not when it comes to telecommunications. Era GSM (owned by T-Mobile) charge 120zl a month for BlueConnect mobile internet and you are limited to 5GB of download. You can download more for free but only at sub dial up speeds....
OP Petermobile  
13 Aug 2009 /  #6
hey there,

well i have to say that a lot of positive things have happened during the last years (after the 8th May 2004) especially when it comes to telecommunications etc. ERA GSM is great i think! I can even get a signal down in wieliczka (sorry if i just misspelled that word ;-) )


"Ajb" yes i do have a usb dongle which provider offers 1gb for 19pln? that would be exaclty what i am looking for!

thank you for your help!
Ajb 6 | 232  
13 Aug 2009 /  #7
"Play Mobile" you can get the SIM from the play mobile shops

OP Petermobile  
13 Aug 2009 /  #8
that is so great! the price is awesome 1gb for 19pln and add 2gb for 30 pln! exactly the rite thing for a one week vacation!

i guess that i can get the plan mobile starter pack at almost every "kiosk" or sth. like that, rite?
Ajb 6 | 232  
13 Aug 2009 /  #9
Humm well i know you can get them in the play shops but opther than that im not sure im affraid

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