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How do Poles Spend their Summer Holidays?

Anja 8 | 1  
26 Apr 2007 /  #1
Most of us dream about exotic holiday destinations and warm seas. However, few can make the dream come true and although summer is in its blossom, almost half of Polish population is going to spend this period at home. Research Institute, Pentor has conducted the research which results show that almost 80 % of the people who will go for holidays, will spend them in Poland. The main reason of this situation is the lack of money which affects most often the elderly and children. Poles do their best: they visit relatives and friends, spend their free time in allotment gardens or go camping.

The most popular Polish destinations are the Baltic sea, Mazurian Lakes, the mountains and historical cities such as Cracow, Gdańsk or Warsaw. One can usually find quite rich a choice of, suitable for every budget, accommodation facilities there. For those in need of tranquility, there is always an array of various spots, either at the shore, at the lakes or in beautiful Polish mountains. There you can find cheap camping places, constantly growing number of tourist farms, students’ shelters and friendly private accommodation. Without too much of an effort and spending your last penny, you can always go there and find yourself enjoying mountain trekking, biking, fishing, walks, swimming etc. These activities are constantly very popular due to small expenses involved. Sometimes it is enough to take your backpack, a pair of solid walking boots and set off for holidays of your dreams. Lots of people choose to go sailing, windsurfing or horse riding. This type of activities is growing in popularity, although they are not affordable for everyone, as the cost of equipment can be significant. Each year tourist boards and private companies organize various specialized summer package holidays, for example for those who intend to loose weight, spend a couple of weeks in spa, or even seek seclusion in a monastery. For those, who managed to save more money, and decided to go abroad there is an extensive offer of last minutes package holidays, trips, and tours to choose from. Every year more and more Poles decide to spend their savings on such travels, choosing destinations of guaranteed sunny and hot weather.

A number of people, mainly students, will go abroad to work and combine the useful with the pleasant. There is however a number of Poles, who, having the money, decide to spend it on refurbishing their homes. This to me seems to be a brand new Polish hobby. People stay at home, and just concentrate on doing all the changes they have been planning for the whole year. And when they finally get everything done, they start dreaming about their next summer holidays. Of course lots of people do not go anywhere. They just keep on working as summer is the best season for their income. They will spend their holidays in winter, most often choosing going skiing or some exotic last minute offers. Which hopefully will happen to be my choice as well.

And for the time being I try to find peace and quietness during weekend trips and working days in almost deserted, sizzling hot but still full of its unique beauty, Warsaw.

14 May 2007 /  #2
and...when do they have summer holidays?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163  
14 May 2007 /  #3
Usually in the summer.
15 May 2007 /  #4
wiem...but here in italy most people have holiday in august...most people.
is it the same in poland?
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
15 May 2007 /  #5
Usually in the summer.


I'd imagine June-Sept depending on weather. Last week in Chłopy it was 5 so still a bit chili in the evening.
spiritus 68 | 666  
16 May 2007 /  #6
tut tut Grzegorz
17 May 2007 /  #7
Poland is one of the greatest places on the earth:-) is cheap, is interesting with lots of history, great night life, lovely landscapes - hot summer, snowy winter, romantic autumn and beautiful, fresh spring

Baltic Sea is one the places where Poles spend their holiday - but everything depends on you whatever you like - mountain, lakes, sea, wood - you can find everything in Poland.

I truly recommend this country to everyone
17 May 2007 /  #8
If you plan to go to Poland but don`t know how, where, how much...:-) e-mail me contact@travel-designer

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