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What Things Are There To Do in Poland For Teens

giovannile07 6 | 37  
3 Feb 2009 /  #1
What's there to do in Poland for teens and stuff like me? I am 15 and I've looked at what some wrote, but most are stuff to do as an adult. Also, what is there to do if you do not drink at all or plan on not to... >.>
Elssha - | 123  
3 Feb 2009 /  #2
the nice thing about being a teen is going to school where you're surrounded by a near-constant group of people with whom you are assumed to make friends... a reality that you learn was quite handy when college comes around and you have to work harder to turn classmate into friend. I hear leaving college and working makes making friends even less hassle-free. Thus the need for grownups to look for places to have fun on forums such as these.

Usually 'what to do' if figured out in a group by people your age, thus the lack of pointers on such forums. Also, more often than not, doing something at someone's house proves more fun than engaging in organized entertainment.

Are you asking because you are moving to PL or are you already there and just find yourself bored?
Wroclaw Boy  
3 Feb 2009 /  #3
What's there to do in Poland for teens and stuff like me?

Boxing, weight training, snowboarding in the south, skate boarding, the usual if youre the active type.
MareGaea 29 | 2,751  
3 Feb 2009 /  #4
What's there to do in Poland for teens and stuff like me?

I think pretty much the same thing as in any other country? Why should this be different in Poland? You go to school, get a crush on some girl, get heartbroken, get drunk for the first time, get laid for the first time. Or: get weird looking friend, dress up all in black and listen to bands with singers that are all mad at their dads, sit in the corner gazing at your shoes and moving your head slowly to the music. Or you go join a sportsclub, train a few times per week, discover that you're not talented enough to make it as a pro and just do it for fun. In short, the options are plenty.

M-G (salem)
MrBubbles 10 | 613  
3 Feb 2009 /  #5
Homework, studying, late nights in the library, evenings playing chess with other boys from school. These are the best years of your life, giovannile - be sure you don't waste them.
wildrover 98 | 4,441  
3 Feb 2009 /  #6
What Things Are There To Do in Poland For Teens

Hang around in bus shelters with hooded tops on....
OP giovannile07 6 | 37  
4 Feb 2009 /  #7
lmao overall i meant as if for vacation, but living there too. i don't live there, but yeah...
7 Jul 2009 /  #8
I have been on vacation in poland as well and will be for the next month and a half and I really found nothing to do here yet... Being 17 and coming from a place where I have a car and know every one to a place where I know no one and have no way to get around Poland seems like a horrible place to be on vacation (I could be wrong and it might depend on the person). Most of my time spent on vacation in Poland is spent sleeping or wishing I was home in Canada with all my friends having fun.

The main problem with coming to poland for vaction (at least for me) is that I don't go to school here so I really don't know anyone here my own age. With a thick english accent and still missing out on rather simple words at bad times like forgeting the word for potato its hard to meet people here.

So I also would love to here what there is to do here or did I hit the nail on the head with sleeping and wishing to be home?

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