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Living in Poland but want to get a tourist Visa for India

Jay24 12 | 64  
27 Aug 2009 /  #1
I'm British and living in Poland. I am soon to be travelling to India and need to get a tourist visa. For shear ease I was hoping to get my visa from the Indian Embassy in Warsaw rather than having to send my passport back to the UK. I've spoken to the embassy a few times but I don't think they are quite grasping what I'm trying to do. Have any expats ever done this before and is it possible?
mvefa 5 | 591  
27 Aug 2009 /  #2
I have not asked a visa in Poland for India, but i did it in China, for what i know, india allows foreign embassies to give visas to foreing residents in other countries. if you know what i mean.
OP Jay24 12 | 64  
27 Aug 2009 /  #3
Yeah, that makes sense, thanks. Think I will need to head down there and speak to them properly.
sql_hunter - | 9  
29 Aug 2009 /  #4
you can apply for visiting visa from Indian embassy in Poland. you can get more information have a nice trip to India

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