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Buying Zloty when visiting Poland - the best way?

Sunflower 10 | 76   17 Jul 2007 /  #1
What's the best way for me to buy Zloty? I live in the UK... silly question maybe but does the Post Office sell them..? Not sure it does.. am I better off waiting until I get to Poland.. travelling to Krakow tomorrow.. thanks again you helpful bunch :)

davidpeake 14 | 453   17 Jul 2007 /  #2
i would wait till you got to Poland.
szarlotka 8 | 2,210   17 Jul 2007 /  #3
Most of the agents (Thomas Cook) etc will have ZL You may get a better rate in PL though. Avoid changing the cash at the airport though, rates tend to be worse on average.
ukpolska   17 Jul 2007 /  #4
If you do go to Krakow search around; I was there last week and the rate in the centre was bad about 4.9zl per £1. Change about £30 and then if you go outside Krakow you will get a better rate... for example at the Wieliczka Salt Mines the rate was 5.3.
Osiedle_Ruda   17 Jul 2007 /  #5
I usually get mine from a Bankomat in Poland, using a credit card. Even allowing for credit card cash withdrawal fees, the exchange rate is still better than at the Post Office, as long as you withdraw at least 200 PLN on each occasion. If you need coins or smaller notes, go to a bank, as most shops still aren't too keen on giving you change.
telefonitika   17 Jul 2007 /  #6
i would say also wait until you arrive in poland to get yoru zloty
ogorek - | 165   17 Jul 2007 /  #7
Bankomat in Poland best exchange rate. Use switch or credirt card,
OP Sunflower 10 | 76   17 Jul 2007 /  #8
Thanks everybody! As I needed it pretty much on arrival for taxi and hotel etc I went to the Post Office earlier today. ah well, may need some more cash when I'm there so will definitely use the cash points :0))
wyan   18 Jul 2007 /  #9
Just shop around ul. Sławkowska and Szpitalna -- the Kantors in ul. Floriańska have usually quite bad rates -- you should find good prices around. If not, the bankomat is also a good option (although there will be commissions)

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