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What are Your Best Poland Travel Tips?

Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
3 Feb 2008 /  #61
Is it also referred to as Magura, or is that another park?

Magura is the mountain near Szczyrk - about 200 km to the west from Magurski National Park but there is also something called Magura Wątkowska, which is inside the park and includes 4 mountains or rather hills.

The main part of the Park covers the ridge of Mt Magura Wątkowska, culminating at Mt Wątkowa (847 m.). Northern slopes of the ridge are cut through by the Bednarka and the Kłopotnica streams. s/magura_national_park
OP Rakky 9 | 217  
9 Mar 2008 /  #62
n Polish it’s Kurka (pieprznik jadalny) – (summer-fall ) June-September

Ah, Piorun, where have you been? Are you the Polish mycologist I've been seeking? Thank you so much for your useful and helpful information and links. As I'd hoped, it seems there is a good chance for finding some edible mushrooms in July, as there is here in New York at that time of year. You don't happen to live in the vicinity of Gorlice, Wysowa or Zydnia, do you? The guides who will be taking care of us while we are there seem to have some knowledge of the wild mushrooms, but it would be great to meet some of the more knowledgable people from the area. I enjoy the hedgehogs as well - we have a couple of species that grow locally to me - one small and one much larger - and they are very tasty when prepared properly.

Thanks again to everyone who has posted so far on this topic. I'm sorry to have been away for so long, but I started a new job and have had little time to read or post here. I hope to be more active now that things have settled down a bit.

Lori 4 | 118  
18 Mar 2008 /  #63
For visiting the Salt Mine with an 84 year old, be aware one walks down, thankfully, hundreds of steps. The trip up is by elevator. Just be aware of this.
Zgubiony 15 | 1,554  
18 Mar 2008 /  #64
....and a quick lift it is :)

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