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Age requirements when going out to clubs in Poland

18 Nov 2007 /  #1
I was wondering what i need to verify my age in clubs in Poland.
I don't have a drivers license and I'm wondering what I need and if what I have is sufficient.
I don't want to be carrying around a passport.
I have a Australian 18+ Card, It shows my age, a photo and has the Australian coat of arms shining through, also through a blue light it glows through.

Is that enough?
I do have an expired passport as well.....
18 Nov 2007 /  #2
You must be at least 18 years old. An Australian photo ID (on a plastic card, not paper) should get you to any club in Poland. If you also have your old passport with you, you don't really need to worry.
OP Antos  
18 Nov 2007 /  #3
Yes my 18+ Card is on plastic.
My old passport is cut on the edges. They cut old passports like that when renewed.
Should I take my old passport?
18 Nov 2007 /  #4
Should I take my old passport?

It doesn't weight much so I would take it as a backup..
18 Nov 2007 /  #5
use your computer and make an ID.
OP Antos  
18 Nov 2007 /  #6
Lol, that's just dodgy making an ID.
*Shifty Look* *Double clicks on Photoshop*
18 Nov 2007 /  #7
use your computer and make an ID.

Bad boy, Wrocław! Bad boy! ;P. Now I can't even go tell your wife, because she's sitting there on your avatar with an ever so slight smile - as if she's saying: That's my boy - I taught him well! LOL LOL LOL
18 Nov 2007 /  #8
18 my ass...
I never once got id'd in Poland, I was 16
I was out at the bars and clubs almost every night=)
18 Nov 2007 /  #9
you should be alright with your 18+ card. I'm pretty sure that if some dumb huard sees some shinny object all with foreign words he'll just let you in in order not to look dumb xD

But I must say that I've never seen anybody checking IDs here in Wroclaw.
Some Bartander may wanna have a look at your id but thats about it.
18 Nov 2007 /  #10
Actually no club ever asked me for an id back in Wroclaw... I started going around 16 with friends, exept for buying alcochol, sometimes they ask so you may need it for that, but otherwise ID isnt nesesery.
OP Antos  
19 Nov 2007 /  #11
Here in Australia it's different.
Outside every club we have bouncers at the door who check IDs.
Pubs and Bars would check your ID when you go buy alcohol.

It will be really interesting to compare lots of things that I take as 'normal' here in Australia.
Coin operated toilets. lol What a weird thought that is, I've seen timed toilets though.
19 Nov 2007 /  #12
I would take both, I mean the 18+ card and the passport.

in some clubs you have to be over 21 to get in
19 Nov 2007 /  #13
You must be at least 18 years old.

there are clubs you can get into when u are less than 18, and there are also clubs that weed out the under 25 crowd at the door although 18 is the average age limit minimum. Note that your attire will also often be scrutinized at the door, just like in Australia if memory serves...

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