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Polish National Tourist Board

spiritus 69 | 666  
25 Mar 2007 /  #1
Shouldn't these people be trying to promote Poland's image in the world as a tourist destination ??

I can't remember the last time I saw Poland highlighted on a holiday programme or a feature written on any other Polish city/area other than Krakow.

Many people who haven't seen Poland still have the same misconceptions i.e. cold weather, grey and ugly, nothing to see etc.

The tourist board should pull their finger out !
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
25 Mar 2007 /  #2
The tourist board should pull their finger out !

very valid point spiritus
American 3 | 8  
28 Mar 2007 /  #3

They have been at every small and large tourism expo throughout the world. They have many co-exhibitor from every area in Poland advertising the country

They have tons of info that you can find at any of these shows or from their website listed above.

sorry but you hit a soft spot on me, moja kochana works for the polish tourist organisation and I don't get to see her about one week out of every month because of these expos.

also if you want to know more or see the brochures that they are producing, attend an expo or give me an email address and I can get some people in touch with you that will get you the info you want.
OP spiritus 69 | 666  
28 Mar 2007 /  #4
I'm sorry American. No offence intended but even hard work, if it's channelled in the wrong direction, is ineffective. I'm not referring personally to your loved one but to the Polish tourist board as a whole.

Personally, tourist expos can only take you so far. The tourist board cannot rely on people coming to them asking for information. They need to launch marketing campaigns and be pro-active.

The web link you gave me is for a professional looking website however, when I started clicking on the links I discovered that there is actually very little content on there. Example: When I clicked on Krakow there were only 3 short paragraphs about the city and not a single photo !

I'm even confused as to which organisation is the actual tourist board as there seem to be a few organisations claiming to be so.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
28 Mar 2007 /  #5
not my intention to offend either America but spiritus makes some important points

turning up at a few expos and having a semi decent website is not going to encourage tourists to visit poland - you need high profile, agressive and carefully targeted campaigns if you want to see anything like a decent return on your investment

spain and australia have followed this route over the past decade or so and this has had the desired results... if you are in the uk then i am sure you know the campaigns i am talking about
OP spiritus 69 | 666  
28 Mar 2007 /  #6

Just to offer another example.

This year I have been to Poland a few times and before I go I have the usual chit chat with work colleagues about where I am going etc. They are shocked that a flight to Poland from the UK takes only about 2.5 hours and I am equally shocked at their reaction to this fact :)

If people knew what Poland was about and what to expect there and then decide NOT to visit then that's fine-at least they are making an informed choice. The trouble is they know virtually nothing about the country, it's geography or climate. This failure to "educate" potential tourists falls at the feet of the tourist board.

BubbaWoo gives examples of Spain and Australia to demonstrate how effective marketing can be. I'd like to add Bulgaria to that list. I'm of Eastern European descent myself (parents are Polish) but I have never considered visiting Bulgaria for my holiday even though I have more knowledge of this part of Europe than most Brits. Yet Bulgaria is quite succesfully marketing itself as a holiday destination to British tourists.
American 3 | 8  
28 Mar 2007 /  #7
not offended and yes they have a lot of issues, they did just put out a commercial that was on BBC and CNN. It needs a lot of work. Just want to let you guys know that they do have people out there pushing the country.

I am about to head out on my third trip to poland this year and will make atleast 3 more I love the place, of course i have a well educated tour guide with extras :)
bruno 2 | 48  
28 Mar 2007 /  #8
Right, this video is really bad.

Also, check out this guy

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