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FROM Katowice-Pyrzovice Airport TO Krakow Balice Airport

krava1209 1 | 1  
15 Oct 2009 /  #1
Hello everybody!

Could you help me with one issue..

Planning trip through Poland, and need to change airports in Krakow - arriving in Katovice Airport, departing from Krakow Airport.
Looking to rent-a-car to go between airports.
I have read few articles and forum posts, that there are road-works on A-4 way, is here anybody who drive it short time ago?
Is there traffic-jams on evenings?
I'm arriving on 20:50 in Katowice, and next flight 23:40 from Krakow, so i should within 1-1,5hours come from Katovice airport to Krakow airport. Is it real? Any advices about road?

As I understood, i'm going by S1 road, than change to A-4 and going by it to Balice.
Is it direct connected - Katowice airport to S1? Exit from A-4 to Krakow Balice Airport?
Any difficulties on road what i should clear? It will be evening time, and i try to minimize time from airport to airport.

Thank you VERY MUCH for reply!

best regards,
lesiu0184 - | 3  
15 Oct 2009 /  #2
hi mate , it`s real 1-1,5 but must be very good driver !! the best way for you is to take taxi driver becouse they know shortly roads ,but you will have to say him that you have only 1.5h to get there otherwise he will go very slow to take a lot of money from you. Good Luck !!!
bbbadv - | 6  
16 Oct 2009 /  #3
Distance is about 100km so 1,5h is possible but i really recommend take a bus or taxi (discuss price before ride :)

17 Oct 2009 /  #4
You'll pay through the nose for a 1-way car hire. Much cheaper is to get one of the buses that leaves Katowice airport for Krakow - they may drop you off at the airport if you request it in advance, or get a taxi. The journey takes 1.5hrs if everything goes well, but there are frequently (always) roadworks on the A4, but you shouldn't have much traffic at that time of night.
misiek - | 2  
17 Oct 2009 /  #5
Hello krava1209 if you want I can help you but I need some more details for example the date of your arriving. Give me your email if you are interested. I live near Katowice and sometimes I work as a private driver :)
OP krava1209 1 | 1  
17 Oct 2009 /  #6
misiek, pls write me to krava.vitaliy@gmail, i'll send you details.

i can't send you a private mail because need to send more messages to forum for it :)
misiek - | 2  
18 Oct 2009 /  #7
Ok I've done it :)

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