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Property purchasing for non poles- change in rules?

roysterdoyster 2 | 7  
13 May 2009 /  #1
Can't remember where I saw it but has the permission to buy rule finished. Something to do with Polands accession to EU 5 year rule?

Anybody know?


Say I found a 180,000 PLN property as a cash buyer, what would roughly be the extra costs involved. I see some real estate sites offer a calculator with roughly 10k of costs, notary,VAT registration etc on top.

Also as a cash buyer what are my chances of haggling the price down say to 170K PLN. Ideally this would recoup the extra costs involved
magdalenaG 2 | 67  
13 May 2009 /  #2
1. Ministry approval no longer required for foreigners to buy house/s .
2. Notatry fees vary but for property values at PLN 180k , you're probably looking at PLN 2k notary fee. Court registration is PLN 400.
3. Polish vendors expect you to negotiate & will drop price by at least 10% , maybe more for a cash buyer.
Wroclaw Boy  
13 May 2009 /  #3
dont forget about agents commission usually 3%, you can haggle this though, unlikely to be less than 2% less your spending over a certain amount.

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