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PLN or CHF currency - Home Loan for mortgage in Poland?

vndunne 43 | 279  
1 Sep 2007 /  #1
Hi. Just a quick question on mortgages. What is the state of play in relation to a PLN or CHF mortgage. Is a CHF mortgage as expensive as a PLN mortgage? I know that the CHF were cheaper a few years ago but have heard the interest rates have gone up.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
1 Sep 2007 /  #2
interest rates have gone up

Polish are going up now.
OP vndunne 43 | 279  
1 Sep 2007 /  #3
Actually, i should have alos asked the comparison in relation to Euro.
jkchambers 3 | 33  
1 Sep 2007 /  #4
If you visit and you go into the English section, site map and then interest rates you will see that they offer Swiss, Euro, Dollar and Polish Zl rates. The Swiss rate is cheapest at 3.46% while the local zl rate is most expensive at 6.85%. I dont us Paddies would get much more than a 60% or maybe 70% loan while 100% or more is available to locals.
OP vndunne 43 | 279  
1 Sep 2007 /  #5
Thanks JkChambers. I was enquiring as i was looking at maybe changing a Eur loan to CHf. Thankfully, i am not applying for a home loan here. I do think BZWBK will give you 70 per cent, but be prepared to wait an age for a reply. A colleagu of mine(from ireland) went to Noble bank here in poland and found them to be very flexible. Just in case you were looking.
jkchambers 3 | 33  
1 Sep 2007 /  #6
I deal with WBK but on site finance. I will soon be selling apartments not buying but thanks for the tip on Noble bank. Any idea how much of a load did the Irish guy get ?
OP vndunne 43 | 279  
1 Sep 2007 /  #7
That question for me? Load to irish guy? Which one?

Oh sorry, figured out what you were asking. I think he got about 800k pln from them. He was a bit surprised how good and quick they were. He would be a It contractor in a bank.

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