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Foreigners can buy houses in Poland!

blondiecouture 2 | 4  
19 Oct 2009 /  #1
Title: Foreigners can buy houses in Poland
Source: Polska Agencja Prasowa (PAP)

Warsaw, Poland - May 1, 2009
As of May 1, this year, European Union citizens can buy houses in Poland without any special permits, no matter whether they live or have ever lived in Poland.

Legal limitations on the purchase of agricultural and forest land by all foreigners will still be in force till May, 2017.

The above results from the foreign purchase of real estate law from May 1, 2004, which says that EU citizens cannot buy agricultural and forest land in Poland for 12 years, and houses for five years, after the EU accession.

I live in US and I am Citizen here, still have my polish pasport and old Dowod,
I will like to purchase agricultural land in lubelskie.
Can I qualify
Also what about old house with large land like 20 ha or more, can this work! Do I need a permit then as well!
i am looking for realtor or someone that can do buisness with me
lolozabojat - | 7  
1 Nov 2009 /  #2

can you tell me where did you get those infromations?which webste or link?

I think you can buy land or house as you have polish citizenship even if you live abroad in USA.

For me, French citizen, I start buying by rate flat in 2006 and will finish in, over 5 years after access of Poland in EU.

Do you think i can be in trouble now with polish administration?
Even if i am polish resident appliant now for almost 1 year now?

Waiting for your advice
ChrisPoland 2 | 123  
2 Nov 2009 /  #3
There are no regulations limiting the purchase of flats by foreigners. I'm not from the EU and I bought a flat without any problems.

I had a problem when we bought a house which was located on agricultural land. Because I am not a EU citizen the paperwork states that I am half-owner of the house (with my spouse) and have the right to half the value of the land. The land, however, is owned by my spouse. If I were an EU citizen, I would be half-owner as well.

About the agricultural and forest land- There are some restrictions even for Polish people. The Dept of Agriculture (and maybe forestry as well) has the first right to purchase any agricultural land for sale. So when you want to buy some farm land, you as the buyer have to check if the Dept of Ag. agrees to pass on their right to buy. Also there was a regulation when we were buying (don't know if it still exists) that when you buy more than a hectare you have to show that you have either an agricultural education or higher education. A high school diploma counts as higher education for this purpose. We bought our house/land through an agent, so she advised us on all the formalities.

Good luck!

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