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Apartment rent costs in Wroclaw

uncanny 2 | 2  
24 May 2008 /  #1
My husband, daughter and I will need a two-bedroom apartment in Wroclaw from September 1 through the end of next June. A professor at the University of Wroclaw has agreed to find it for us (my husband will be teaching there in the fall), but he has asked us how much we're willing to spend. I have no idea what to tell him. We would like a nice, furnished 2-bedroom place either near the University or near public transit to the University. We have a little extra money saved for this purpose, so we're willing to pay a somewhat higher rent than "average" if the apartment is nice enough and/or well located. What would you all say is a reasonable rent for such a place? Would 2000 zl per month be way too high, way too low, or about right?

Cluelessly yours,
vodka 1 | 38  
24 May 2008 /  #2
for 2000 you should have nice apartment
Wroclaw Boy  
24 May 2008 /  #3
2000 PLN abought right.
Kacper - | 9  
26 May 2008 /  #4
It depends which faculty (and so - which campus) of the University Your husband is going to lecture at. In some places 2000 can probably let You find a suitable apartment. In the centre however I would say 2 bedrooms are out of reach.

I have a flat for rent meeting Your needs - it is very close to most of the faculties. Please PM or e-mail me if You would be interested.

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