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Polish-German Language Exchnage!

Marek 4 | 867  
6 Nov 2007 /  #1
Good morning!

As per administrator rules, I am posting clearly in English. Although a fluent speaker of Polish, I find I still need considerable review and therefore would appreciate the kind assistance of another German native speaker who can answer "mother-tongue" questions which I have, i.e. translation based on language interference.

Below the following sentences which I've translated into German. Could someone here at PF please check them for accuracy? If not, might I be referred to a specifically Polish-German forum which can?

Much appreciated in advance!

BRAK MI SLOW! = Es verschlug mir die Sprache!

BRAK MI SNU! = Ich brauche (mehr) Schlaf!

BRAK MI CZASU! = Ich habe keine Zeit!

Thanks so much,
Hueg - | 320  
6 Nov 2007 /  #2
I can't translate the polish for you but the german, as i'm sure you already know is fine. :)
OP Marek 4 | 867  
6 Nov 2007 /  #3
Thanks, Hueg.

I guess I'm looking for someone who is ideally a Polish native speaker with a real fluency in German (or vice-versa, a German-Polish bilinguist, i.e. someone like myself who is German-English!)

I just find it easier working in Polish into German than into English. Suppose I'm more used to it, that's all.

Appreciated the reply though!
Baska - | 10  
8 Jan 2008 /  #4
Congratulations, you have done a perfect job!
Depending on the context you could use this variant as well:

BRAK MI SLOW! = Mir fehlen die Worte

PS. I am native Polish speaker living in Austria since 18 years, so you can believe me!
the_falkster 1 | 180  
8 Jan 2008 /  #5
didn't i send you a link once for a german polish forum???

if you still are interested tell me and i send the link again.
we deal with quite a few translations there and have native speakers from both countries...
Hueg - | 320  
8 Jan 2008 /  #6
@Baska. Good to have someone from OÖ amongst us. Welcome to PF from an ex-Linzer :)
Baska - | 10  
9 Jan 2008 /  #7
Hallo, Hueg!
Happy to meet you, at least on-line. When did you leave and where are you now?
OP Marek 4 | 867  
31 Jan 2008 /  #8
Halloechen (typically 'Piefkenese'!!), Baska!

Problem though with "Mir fehlen die Woerter!" is that it's not idiomatic, even if grammatical, German.

My problem very briefly in Polish is that I often translate from the German. I can translate fluently from Polish into German. Vice versa though I wouldn't even attempt, certainly not for serious pay. - - :):) LOL

My e-mail is panlech31@yahoo should you wish to continue this thread.
Posłaj mi e-mail po polsku oraz po niemiecku. Czy masz czas, umiem poprawić twoje błędy, tak jak ty możesz poprawić moje błędy po polsku. Dobra idee?
the_falkster 1 | 180  
1 Feb 2008 /  #9
"Mir fehlen die Woerter!"

just to complete that... it has to be "mir fehlen die worte!"...

as mentioned above: you would be better off with these questions in a german-polish forum...
OP Marek 4 | 867  
1 Feb 2008 /  #10

"Mir fehlen die Woerter." is also correct, it simply means something different; "I'm lacking the words." rather than "I'm lacking the expression".

In German, "Woerter" and "Worte" have different meanings as plural forms of the same singular, "das Wort".

Many non-natives I've run into aren't aware of that! - - :)

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