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Sending money to Poland

JohnD - | 1  
8 Sep 2008 /  #31
My company spoke to a number of Ecuadoreans living in New York who send money back to family at home. They pointed out a number of problems with the existing transfer method:

1) the fees were high
2) criminals often target Western Union locations knowing that people are picking up money.
3) the sender would like to know that money was sent on something worthwhile

We looked at creating a system whereby Ecuadoreans could send vouchers that could be redeemed in supermarkets. The voucher could be sent either by SMS or via the Web using the senders credit card. The recipient then redeems the voucher in their local supermarket. The service was to be provided for free.

Does anybody have any thoughts if this would be a desirable service for Polish workers living in the UK or Ireland who want to send remittances home?

foxtrot1213 2 | 43  
8 Sep 2008 /  #32
I usually transfer money between Finland and Dubai for playing in stock exchange.
Here it is what I have seen with bank transfer.

1. I pay around 25€ when I send money from Finland to Dubai and vice versa.
2. I never tried but I have heard that if you transfer money between two EU countries then you don't have to pay anything (not sure if it is also valid between two different banks)

3. Bank transfer is much secure, and you pay for the security.
4. Euro is better currency, and your receiving account should be able to deal with Euro currency. Contact your bank(s) if you are unsure about it.

5. If you will transfer massively large sums then authorities would like to know about it. Atleast how it goes in Finland.

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