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sending a letter to poland

Ranj 21 | 948  
30 Dec 2006 /  #31
i m so happy

he received that yesterday

See Kitten, patience pays off! Just think of how happy you are that he finally received it. Waiting to see him will make it that more joyous when it finally happens!:)
krysia 23 | 3,057  
30 Dec 2006 /  #32
OP kitten 8 | 65  
31 Dec 2006 /  #33
:) i m very happy of that


guys i m so happy!!!!!!!
all goes greatly with my boy:)

yesterday he told his mum he loves her and they made peace after quarrelling
she noticed that he had a change inside and he s in love and so she told him that she ll let him come here easily and also that whenever i need i can go there to them:)

this is all great!!!
i needed to tell someone and i have chosen you :)

what a january 1st! at midnight we were at the phone :) oooh my god!!

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