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What are your 10 fave things about Poland? And 10 least favourite?

Mali - | 300  
6 Apr 2008 /  #91
7) The beer gardens in summer

This I've never heard of...
what the heck is a beer garden?

10) The needless moaning and hypochondria

LOL sooooooo true! Almost everyone over 50 is taking about 80 different pills a day and is complaining about being at deaths door.

9) Cheeseburgers with more cabbage than cheese

Poland has got to have the most resourceful usages for cabbage :)

1. moja babcia
2. food
3. sunsets
4. fresh air
5. childhood memories
6. the people
7. śmietankowe lody
8. fresh kompot
9. soft blankets
10. goosefeather pillows
11. bonus: going on a fura ride

1. lineups
2. rainy weather
3. the roads
4. milk fresh from the udder
5. rampant gossiping
6. the people (love some, hate some)
7. flaki soup
8. cow dung in the country
9. Piersza Miłosć (especially the guy that plays Artur - he looks like a rat)
10. my version of the language (I wish I was better at it)
Wroclaw 44 | 5,369  
6 Apr 2008 /  #92
This I've never heard of...
what the heck is a beer garden?

outdoor seating
Seanus 15 | 19,672  
6 Apr 2008 /  #93
A beer garden, it's the same in Polish Mali, ogródek piwny I think. No flowers and other ornamental objects, just beer usually and parasols.

Thanks for being honest about point 10. Many Poles say themselves that they are amongst the worst hypochondriacs.

Cabbage is put to better use in kapuśniak and łazanki, oh, and pierogi 2.

It'll be interesting 2 c who comments on the vanity aspect. Many Polish women are beautiful but it gets tiring hearing it frequently. So many countries have women equally as good. To be honest, I've seen a couple of Scottish women better looking than anything I've seen here, and that's saying sth.
brazilii 8 | 97  
7 Apr 2008 /  #94
rainy weather


Wroclaw Boy, do you like rainy weather???
Wroclaw Boy  
7 Apr 2008 /  #95
I do actually quite like the rain unless im playing golf in it, helps me relax. Anyway although it has been raining all day here i find it rains around 70% less than the UK. I prefer hot summers and cold winters, gives you something to look forward to for both seasons. I am gald to have survived another winter here in my freezing Palace but I will miss snowboarding, hot soups, casseroles and evenings around the fire place. Right now im looking forward to BBQ's, cold beer, wearing t shirts and hopefully a couple of holidays.
osprey13 1 | 1  
7 Apr 2008 /  #96
Why cut the tips off of a kittens tail? What would the purple be? I don't think that was answered, and quite honestly I can't let go of that until I know.
southernbelle - | 3  
12 Apr 2008 /  #97
You've got a good start there. Let me add some ideas. I'm a Florida cracker transplanted to Warsaw.

Polish drivers: think every crappy road they drive on is the autobahn and that they are mario andretti. Will not let women drivers pass them under any circumstances. I like to play a game to see how fast I can get them to go, just to keep me from passing.

Polish women: As a women, they inspire me to do better. Dress better, wear cuter clothes, etc. As a stay at home mom, it's hard to keep up, but I'm trying. And, unlike other nearby countries, Polish women are not throwing themselves at my husband all the time. They have self-respect and decorum.

Lastly, customer service. An idea whose time has come. Check it out. Don't be yelling at me in line at Tesco. I'm about to give you my money and that money should buy me groceries and a friendly greeting : )
mafketis 37 | 10,836  
12 Apr 2008 /  #98
What I hate about showing movies with a voice over translation (lektor) is that it ruins the movie for people who share the language of the original even if they know Polish. Neither subtitles nor dubbing manages that trick.

Of the three ways of localizing movies I think voice over is by far the worst aesthetically for that reason alone. It's the only form of translation that I think some directors (Spielberg and Kubrick IINM) absolutely don't want their work subjected too.

I can stand watching a French movie with a voice over (even German or Spanish which I know as foreign languages) but an English language movie with a lektor is just awful.

It has a low reputation in Poland but real dubbing (as done in larger western european countries) doesn't destroy a movie quite like a lektor. I'd rather watch German dubbed tv than Polish lektorized tv (even though my German isn't as good as my Polish).

Fortunately with dvd's I can tell the lektor to shut up (and use Polish subtitles if the original isn't in English).
Seanus 15 | 19,672  
12 Apr 2008 /  #99
WB, what's wrong with the cues in Poland? (ur point 5 above, post 101). I play pool and they are fine.

Don't like queues much tho ;)
swifttib - | 4  
13 Apr 2008 /  #100
I love:

The just tastes so fresh and makes you feel right at home.

The history..I love seeing the old towns, because not only is there so much beautiful architecture but theres also so much culture surrounding it all. I remember seeing a 400 year old church, it was amazing.

The people..they are so family oriented and welcoming. I love the fact that I could go to someone's house that I've never met and feel right at home. They are also very respectful.

The land..just driving and seeing the endless fields, the beautiful mountains and shores; can't beat that.

The quirks..the old women talking to themselves/riding on bicycles, the funny drunks, the staring problems, the crappy tv shows; just something about all that, that I like.

The bad:

The roads are bad.

The older generation doesn't like to really open themselves up to new ways of thinking.

The pessismism at times.
mbarbara - | 12  
13 Jun 2008 /  #101
1.The language
2. all the old buildings, historical sites
3. The fightin' side of the Poles
4. Their AMAZING restoration skills
5. some of the food
6. the beer. I couldnt stand beer untill I had some in Poland
7. the landscapes
8. Kazimierz Dolny
9. The humor
10. oldies music, like Czerwone Gitary, etc
11. the hospitality, once they get to know you
12. traditional arts and crafts, clothes
13. I don't know.... just this atmosphere... especially in artistic/intellectual circles

1. soviet buildings
2. remaining communist attitudes and mentality
3. the grass is always greener on the other side attitude
4. the ******** and moaning and everyday rudeness
5. buerocracy (sp?)
6. the illogicalness and innefficiency of everyday things like store layouts, public transportation, etc etc etc
8. most of the food (I'm a vegetarian so this IS a special case)
9. a tendency for low national self-esteem. SO ANNOYING!!
10. everything is so effin expensive!
19 Jun 2008 /  #102
4) The meathead mentality

Haha, what the hell is that about??
Seanus 15 | 19,672  
20 Jun 2008 /  #103
It is quite prominent, the guys parading around with big muscles, getting their way.
20 Jun 2008 /  #104
the guys parading around with big muscles, getting their way.

okay, gotcha. sounds like a certain italian american subculture.
Seanus 15 | 19,672  
21 Jun 2008 /  #105
They are usually mafioso types, the meatheads can be but are not always
21 Jun 2008 /  #106
It is quite prominent, the guys parading around with big muscles, getting their way.

Like what do you mean? You're in a line for a club or restaurant and they barge past you or something?
southern 74 | 7,074  
21 Jun 2008 /  #107
Fave things
1.Polish women
2.Polish hotties
3.Polish bombs
4.Polish nymphets
5.Polish amazons
6.Polskie dziewczyny

Least fave
1.Tourists in Poland
sausage 19 | 775  
21 Jun 2008 /  #108
I suppose I had better do one.
Faves (not particular order)
1. Barszcz czerwony
2. Polish food prices
3. Okocim
4. Ryneks
5. Polish hotel prices (not so good recently!)
6. Spring/Summer weather
7. Polish girls names

1. Polish roads
2. Winter weather
Eurola 4 | 1,902  
21 Jun 2008 /  #109

1. Beautiful forests
2. Spruced up, colorful market squares (rynek)
3. Very tasty home cooking (if you like polish food)
4. genuine conversations
5. Private gardens (ogrodki) in the middle or on the outskirts of a city
(a weekend escape for the owners)
6. small vegetable and fruit shops (warzywniaki)
7. weekly farmer markets
8. new houses with interesting architecture
9. Hospitality
10. Ice cream shops
11. Drivers stopping for pedestrians (even the bad ones?)


1. Roads and road signs
2. Drivers
3. Laundry on the balconies
4. Muddy paths in parks
5. Prices in the Malls (outrages)
6. Not too friendly service clerks (banks, grocery stores), improved, but still...
7. Pushy beggars at bus and train stations.
Seanus 15 | 19,672  
21 Jun 2008 /  #110
Laundry in the balconies, in Scotland it is much the same

Drivers, much ado about nothing, I don't think they're that bad
21 Jun 2008 /  #111

hoo boy, worth every penny. what the hell is in the water over there?
Eurola 4 | 1,902  
21 Jun 2008 /  #112
Laundry in the balconies, in Scotland it is much the same

well, thanks for the info. I guess it makes it a little bit more "normal" then...
Not too appealing, nonetheless :)
Seanus 15 | 19,672  
21 Jun 2008 /  #113
Clothes have to get dry somehow. Many Scottish families in houses use tumble-driers or clothes horses. It's the blocks that use the balconies as they have them funnily enough. In America?
ajgraham - | 121  
21 Jun 2008 /  #114
Yes i bet they have.....Is that different types of B**w j's?
Eurola 4 | 1,902  
21 Jun 2008 /  #115
clothes horses

What's that?

I live in a small condo complex and I never saw any clothes on the balcony. People use only dryers.
Our by-laws however mention that we can hang cloths between certain hours of the day, but never after 6 p.m. I hang my dry cleaned work outfits (read suits) to "air them out" from the chemical smell, but I'd never do it with my regular laundry.
Seanus 15 | 19,672  
21 Jun 2008 /  #116
B4 Osioł jumps in with a funny remark, it is sth to put ur wet clothes on to dry. U could say a clothes stand. Suszarka do ubrań in Polish
PolskaDoll 28 | 2,098  
21 Jun 2008 /  #117
What's that?

Like: This Eurola. I have one, they're very handy during the, winter ;)
Seanus 15 | 19,672  
21 Jun 2008 /  #118
That's it. What do we call it in Scotland again? A claes horsie?
Eurola 4 | 1,902  
21 Jun 2008 /  #119
Thanks PD. I did see it in Poland. I also saw kind of multiple, round bars attached to a bathroom wall for drying clothes. I'm not sure if they we heated too. Both referred to as suszarki (dryers).
21 Jun 2008 /  #120
Osioł jumps in with a funny remark

or some strange free association..

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