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Polish Email Problem

28 Nov 2005 /  #1
Hi, I'm trying to get an email to Poland and it keeps kicking back from the PO...

I think it's because one of the letters has a dot over the J and I don't know how to get that on... Anyone out there know how to do this?
28 Nov 2005 /  #2
Hmm - could you explain a little futher (by giving an example what you mean)?
tamara2 - | 12  
28 Nov 2005 /  #3
Here are all the letters of the Polish alphabet (make sure to select: Central European (ISO) encoding to see the proper letters; to do this, you need to select: VIEW+ENCODING from the menu of your web browser):

a ą b c ć d e ę f g h i j k l ł m n ń o ó p r s ś t u w y z ź ż

However, I don't think the Polish special characters (letters with a line over the letter or "next" to the letter) are allowed when sending an email. So when you see "ą", you should type in "a", for "ń" you should type in "n" etc.

28 Nov 2005 /  #4
Therein lies the problem, I can't... The closest I could give is that the small j has an additional . on top giving the impression of being a colon
tamara2 - | 12  
28 Nov 2005 /  #5
j has an additional . on top giving the impression of being a colon

If that's the case, I would try to simply type-in "j" :)
OP nicholas55  
28 Nov 2005 /  #6
I did this, twice... It kicked back, twice... That's why I'm writing to ask for help...

Thanks to all who wrote to help... Much appreciated! perhaps the e-mail was given to me wrong... I don't know except that tomorrow I'll re-check with the party who gave it to me in the first place...:)

PS Without giving the exact e-mail, after the@, it reads, (, is that at least correct?
tamara2 - | 12  
28 Nov 2005 /  #7

is correct for sure (I used to have an email account with them too). If you could copy-paste the bounced message (I assume it's in Polish) maybe I could investigate a little further ;)
OP nicholas55  
28 Nov 2005 /  #8
Well, the e-mail is from me to the party in question and it deals with personal documents which I'm sending to them and it is not in Polish, it's in English... In fact it's not even directly to the party in question because they don't have a computer... They are using a third party, (neighbors), computer...

I need to have these documents signed and returned to me so that I can proceed with something that's important to both of us... The problem is that I don't speak Polish very well, (yakshi mash, fshistko pozjontku), is pretty much it... The party in question speaks only Polish and I can't make heads or tails of it... Maybe it's because it's foreign to me, (lol), just realized what I said... Anyway any further info would not help you... The bounce was from the PO< The Postmaster>

Sorry for the delay, I'm cooking something...
tamara2 - | 12  
28 Nov 2005 /  #9
The bounce was from the PO< The Postmaster>

I would try to email the party in question using a different email account (when you currently use hotmail for example, try yahoo or gmail); sometimes Polish anti-spam software treats your email as spam. It happened many times to me and using an alternative email account usually worked.
OP nicholas55  
28 Nov 2005 /  #10
I'll try it!

I have an account with yahoo, msn, hotmail... What's gmail, maybe I should give that a try too? However, I think you might have something there... I'll post if it works or not... This is something new to me, (forum)... It's been very interesting and lovely talking to all of you...



I found the problem! It seems that there was one too many periods in the e-mail address... It should have been one name, no periods except after the @...

I found it by trial and error, I kept making changes in my head to the e-mail address... Got it the second time... Just got lucky!

Thanks to all who tried to help...
tamara2 - | 12  
29 Nov 2005 /  #11
I'm glad the Polish Forums members motivated you ;). Cheers,

OP nicholas55  
29 Nov 2005 /  #12
Thank you,

I'll be back!
4 Jan 2006 /  #13
I don't think the letters should matter at all. I think probably the server maybe down or it is a no longer good address. Try just hitting reply and see what happens to your origianl email. Good Luck
OP nicholas55  
4 Jan 2006 /  #14

The problem has been solved... See Nov 29th post...:)
19 Jan 2006 /  #15
One thing I would like to point out, for US users, you will need to change the encoding setting on the view menu to see other that american alphabet characters properly. or you can get the multilingual softwre install for your operating system and software.
OP nicholas55  
22 Jan 2006 /  #16
I'm sorry Howard,

I posted but it seems that it didn't register...

Good points!

I'll look for some software... Any recommendations?

9 Nov 2006 /  #17
yeah i cant seem 2 get a message off to poland either the adress ends in anyoneknow if thats right? it sends me the same damn message error every time : (
9 Nov 2006 /  #18
Me either -- actually I hate: emails most as they block everything you send and treat their Polish users like if they are from China.
modacone 1 | 16  
9 Nov 2006 /  #19
yeah i seem to have a similar problem the email address ends in anyone heard of it? everytime i try to send one it tells me the local server would not let me :-( whats the deal
9 Nov 2006 /  #20
the email address ends in

I think you got it wrong, pal. Try (not
modacone 1 | 16  
9 Nov 2006 /  #21
u sure cuz i tried op n it said there was no such adress i can try again but we'll c
krysia 23 | 3,058  
9 Nov 2006 /  #22
That's wrong too. It has to be:
10 Nov 2006 /  #23
Add to the list. I sent dozens of emails every day to people all over the world without problems, but when I tried emali it doesn't work, of course. Welcome to the Republic of China@ (sorry Poland)

A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of its
recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address(es) failed:

SMTP error from remote mail server after RCPT TO:<***>:
host []: 550 Brak rekordu SPF/MX nadawcy lub bledna autoryzacja SMTP!

modacone 1 | 16  
10 Nov 2006 /  #24
yeah all my pigeons got the avian flu but i guess i could try the flying pigs

actually u guys were right it was thanks a lot i just used a different email account and it worked!! im so stoked i think im gonna marry this girl shes a real polish hottie :-)
Amathyst 19 | 2,702  
10 Nov 2006 /  #25
why not cut and paste polish letters!

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