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Poking tongue out at a Polish girl - is it considered rude/offensive?

6 Sep 2008 /  #31
They should be made to do the following:-

1. Be forced to eat the hottest chillis on the hour every hour for a week( till they are sick)

2. Have to wear a special device that makes their tongue
stick out 24/7
for one week also.

3. For persistent offenders then I would send them to the stocks for one year so that properly brought up men and women could throw rotten tomatoes and bad eggs at them every day.


Hehe LOL
Wroclaw Boy  
6 Sep 2008 /  #32
After youd given them a good licking of course LIR, Long Irratable Retractable jobbie if need be for rent £5 / 10 cm / week
EraAtlantia 2 | 106  
11 Sep 2008 /  #33
yes, evidently my hand writing is one of a fat animal who cant keep a lady sweet....hats off to you, cough ..... see, now that i realize just how anal polish women are i actually get a good laugh out of them when i call them all agnieska or spell somethin intentionally wrong( they actually get high on their own disgust at this ), such a petulant bunch at times, now i can understand why their men look gaunt and bereft....
tornado2007 11 | 2,274  
11 Sep 2008 /  #34
i reckon if you stuck your tongue out at a Polish girl she would either suck it off or cut it off. You never know they might even stick their tongue out at you :):):)
11 Sep 2008 /  #35
haha torny cut it off with teeth though? mmm hot
tornado2007 11 | 2,274  
11 Sep 2008 /  #36
well you know some of these Polka's are wild Wyspi, cutting of a tongue is only a taste of the wildside :) lol
pldudeinus - | 6  
14 Sep 2008 /  #37
"So when I got complimented by the boss,I stuck my tongue out at her,in a joking " Nana na nana" way." - simply retarded behavior.

General advice to any guy: do not stick your tongue out unless you really intend to lick something.

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